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Whirlpool Super Capacity Dryer-LER6611PQO;MR3601074

by Lizzie

My current clothes dryer is my all time favorite. I have had it going on four years. I have the Whirlpool Super Capacity, 6 cycle three temperature drying machine. What is so great about this dryer is- it's quiet.

It is so quiet while drying my clothes at night, I can still hear the crickets chirping outside my window. Another great thing about my dryer is it has a large opening. I used to have this dryer with a small opening. It took forever to “chunk” the clothes in. Great for me, is the fact that this dryer’s barrel can take a beating. I have a bad habit of leaving items in my pocket. For some reason I never check my pockets before I wash and dry.

This dryer’s barrel has some coating on it. Whatever the coating is keeps all my “pocket stuff” from sticking to it.

It also does not leave marks or scratches on the barrel when the items finally come out of the pockets. I have a real bad habit of leaving clothes in the dryer for a couple of days.

Gratefully, this dryer has a “fluff” cycle that works wonderfully. I can even throw an already dried and folded up shirt in there and have it “fluffed.” Considering the abuse I give it, this dryer is the best!

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