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Whirlpool LER4634DQ1

by Kimberly
(Salem, OR)

My dear sweet husband purchased me a new dryer for Valentines Day 1997 (He also gave me a jewelry). I needed a new one very bad, and he went out and bought it as a surprise for me. Whirlpool is a main brand and it had features that seemed just perfect for us.

For the first couple of years, it worked great. The dryer is not loud and it would dry a load of jeans (6 pairs) in less then an hour. But then time moved on and the dryer slowly started to stop working well. First it started to take longer and longer to dry clothes. Next the motor just went out. It happened suddenly, of course, after I put in a load of wet clothes. I called a repair man and he came out and replaced the motor. That was 4 years into the machine and it needed a new motor. Not the performance I would expect from a Whirlpool brand.

After the motor was replaced, it worked almost as good as new, but it was a little louder. But then time moved on again and now the heater element is going out. I know its 11 years old, but darn my washer is 16, almost 17 years old and still works like day one.

I know Whirlpool is a good brand name, I am just a little disappointed that it seemed to break down early in its life.

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