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GE Profile DPGT650GHWW

by Tim
(Salt Lake City, UT)


- Easy controls and worry-free automatic settings
- Extra large capacity

- Some features included that you’ll never use
- Some settings may not be clearly understood without reading the manual

This GE Profile gas dryer was purchased in combination with a matching top-loading washer and has been in use for approximately six moths, averaging at least seven loads per week.

This model features a side-swinging front door (rather than the typical drop-down tailgate model typically found in dryers that pair with top-loading washers). It also features an electronic control panel with soft-touch controls for dry level, temperature, dry time and drying cycles.

In addition, there are controls to allow add or reduce drying time, select wrinkle care and to save a custom cycle for easy recall.

The front door of the dryer contains a panel of clear glass allowing easy inspection of drying contents and activity without opening the door and interrupting a cycle. When the door is opened an interior light automatically illuminates the stainless steel drum. The dryer also features a removable rack to allow drying items such as shoes without having them bounce around inside. The lint filter is located in the doorway at the sill. The manufacturer recommends cleaning after every use for best drying and energy savings. This unit is Energy Star rated.

Operating this dryer is so easy, you can teach your children to do their own laundry without worry of them ruining their clothes. When the unit is powered on, a drying cycle can be selected with the press of a button. This automatically sets the dry level, dry temperature and pre-selects a drying time. Any of these features can be overridden, if desired. An easily-read LED display on the control panel indicates the number of minutes remaining in the cycle.

During operation, the unit runs quietly-enough that you can dry clothes at any time of day or night without worry of being bothered. Overall, I would highly recommend this unit, particularly if purchased as a complement to the washing machine.

5 out of 5 stars

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