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Whirlpool WED9200SQ

I used this dryer for 2 years and had no problems with it. I found that each cycle was fairly well tailored to what it was described to do. Occasionally i used the "delicate" setting, which worked fine. Some of the other settings such as the "bulky item" setting did not seem to do anything different.

I almost exclusively used the "extra-dry" setting, which was almost too hot. Though it never actually ruined any of my clothes. I also found this dryer was energy efficient. My previous dryer was a left over commercial dryer from a closed down coin-wash store, and needless to say it was a energy hog. The only downside of this dryer was the the "auto-dry" setting.

I would set it on auto-dry, but at the end of the cycle the clothes were still damp. Some functions on this model were not really useful. The "wrinkle shield" option was meant to tumble your clothes every so often to prevent them from wrinkling. It did not seem to function accordingly.

Overall, this is a very quiet, very functional and reliable unit. Unfortunately for me i recently moved, and i had to leave this unit behind.

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Sep 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have had my Whirlpool Dryer for 4 years and have had one promblem when the dryer go around it makes a clank sound each time it gos around I have had repair people in and they say that is the way it is. One said it was a part defect and they will not fix it it is getting louder and louder does any one have the same promblem other than that it has been a good machine

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