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Whirlpool LGR4634P Gas clothes dryer

I am a person who is interested in new gadgets. I love shopping for gadgets once when I went to an electronic shop I saw the whirlpool LGR clothes dryer. I didn't know about it then but I felt that it might be useful for us to dry our clothes especially during rainy seasons so I decided to purchase it and give it a try.

Since this model runs using gas I found that in the long run it wouldn't cost me much to operate as compared to other electronic models. Now I find it very useful and always uses it whenever I wash my clothes. Now I don't find it a problem to dry clothes even during the rainy season.

You get your clothes dried completely once you dry your clothes, using whirlpool cloth dryer, hence you can straight away fold and keep it in your cupboard. The front loading dryer machine has four different cycles to help you dry your clothes. The gentle heat used by the machine makes your clothes dry without damaging it.

It is a great buy and a very efficient dryer too. It solves all our drying problems within few minutes. Since it runs using gas the running cost is very low.

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