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Whirlpool Duet model GHW915OPWA

by Tom
(Ft. Myers, FL USA)

We purchased our Whirlpool washer and dryer from Lowe's in Florida. They gave us a year's worth of detergent and free installation so we felt we got a good deal three years ago.

The dryer is electric and has been trouble free. The unit comes with a pedestal but we didn't buy it because of space constraints.

The unit has 8 settings: Heavy Duty (high heat and heavy fabrics), Normal (medium heat sturdy fabrics), Bulky Items (medium heat, large items), Casual (low heat, no-iron fabrics), Delicate (extra low heat, washable knits), Timed Dry (to complete drying if clothes are still damp), Touch Up (smooth out wrinkles) and Quick Dry (small loads). Each controls the length of time the clothes will be dried. There is also a control to dry for more time or less time. Controls also allow the user to set a wrinkle shield, a temperature setting (high,medium, low, extra low and air only) as well as set the "end of cycle signal" strength to louder, softer or off. The dryer's end of cycle signal is multiple beeps that can be set for the loudness preferred.

The dryer also comes with seven status lamps: sensing, wet, damp, cool down, cycle complete, wrinkle shield and control locked.
To operate the dryer the lint filter should be checked to ensure it is clean. This is in the front of the machine and
easily accessible. The filter simply slides in and out from it's position under the dryer door.

Once the lint filter is check and the type of drying desired is set, the Control On button is pressed and the Hold to Start button is pressed. This locks the door and begins the drying cycle.
There is a Pause/Cancel button that will stop the cycle and unlock the door if necessary. Push the button twice to stop the cycle.

To get the most out of this dryer...and any dryer...follow care instructions on the garment. Add a fabric softener sheet if desired. Remove the load from the dryer as soon as the cycle stops and the door automatically unlocks. Don't dry heavy and lighter fabrics together to prevent overdrying of the lighter items which can lead to shrinking and/or wrinkling.

If the load includes multiple heavier items added time may be necessary. It is best to dry most loads using the automatic settings. Those settings are pre-set to the optimum temperature and time.

The dryer comes with a dryer rack that can be placed in the drum to dry clothes without them tumbling. It is great for sweaters for example.
This unit comes in multiple colors and is very well constructed. We have had several Whirlpool models over the years and have always found them to be of excellent quality. This Duet model is no exception.

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