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Saving rain

by Allyson
(New York)

I place large buckets out in my backyard when I know that we will be having a rain storm. I pour this water into plastic jugs and use it to water my plants.

This way, I am re purposing water that would be just washed into the sewers for maintaining a green earth.

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Shower Water Too
by: Jessica

We have been "saving" rain water for quite a while. I live in Southern California where we have been living in droughts for as long as I can remember. So, we have always tried to save water whenever we could.

Another way that I try to "reuse" water is when I take showers. When I turn on the shower, I never have the perfect temperature. I have to let the water run for a short while to get the perfect temperature. During this time, all of the water that would normally be going down the drain runs into a bucket that I later use to water plants and the lawn outside.

Every little bit helps - thanks for sharing your idea! I hope more people start saving water!

Catching Rain Water Rocks!
by: Anonymous

I have been catching rainwater for two years now and it really saves money on my water bill each month in the summer/spring/fall! I too use the water for my plants in my garden. The plants actually seem to do better with rain water verses city water too! I have been told its because rain water has nutrients in it and of course doesn't have the chemicals in it that city water has. This is a very economical and environmentally friendly thing to do!

Saving More Rain
by: G

I live in an area that has been drought stricken in the last year. I have seen houses that have these large plastic containers that are placed at the house with the downspout of the gutters going into an opening. Since I live in apartments I have not tried this one myself but looks like a great way to save water for watering your lawn or flowers.

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