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Maytag MVWB300WQ
Super capacity washer 4.7 cu ft

The MVWB300WQ washing machine from Maytag comes with the reliable Maytag Commercial Technology, and is known for its reduced noise and vibration and faster drying time.

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  Quick Specs  
Style: top loading, white, dial controls, wide lid
Cleaning: 950 rpm, 4.7 cu ft, 3 temperatures
Cycles: 10
Features: smoothbalance suspension, sensicare
fast spinning washing machine

The Sensi-care wash system with Intelliclean Impeller keeps the laundry smelling fresh and the machine free from odors, making this washer from Maytag a highly dependable and price-worthy purchase.

Key features

- The Sensi-care wash system with Intelliclean Impeller ensures allergy-free laundry.
- Ten (10) variable wash cycles are available for different types of clothes or fabric.
- MaxExtract extended spin option results in faster drying of clothes.
- The automatic temperature control allows you to control temperature settings easily.
- The 3-tray drawer dispensers for bleach, detergent, and fabric softener.
- The 4.7 cu. ft super size capacity is ideal for bigger loads.
- The Smooth Balance suspension system with superior vibration control reduces noise and vibration during use.
- The PureClean Rinse System ensures clean laundry.
. It comes with extended 10-year warranty for washer motor and wash basket.


The MVWB300WQ washing machine from Maytag is perfect for laundry that is larger than usual, with its 4.7 cu. ft. load capacity. It is ideal for tough washing with the dirtiest stains. However, it can also accommodate even the most delicate types of fabric. This washer is also highly energy-efficient, since it uses less energy compared to other types of washing machines. Also, if you are looking to save on water consumption when doing your laundry, the MVWB300WQ Maytag washing machine allows you to save on water consumption as well.

Another advantage of using this washing machine is its reduced noise and vibration, due mainly to its Smooth Balance suspension system. With its super size capacity, moreover, you can place more clothes in the tub without sacrificing the results. The clothes come out smelling fresh due to its PureClean Rinse System, and the MaxExtract extended spin option makes sure that your laundry comes out completely clean and dry.


One disadvantage to using this washing machine is the amount of lint that is left at the bottom part of the washer, especially when moving clothes from the washer to the dryer. Although it can accommodate a large amount of laundry, heavier items such as towels and blankets do not always come out as clean as expected.

Consumer thoughts


- reliable Maytag Commercial Technology
- super size capacity at 4.7 cu. ft.
- Smooth Balance suspension system for noise and vibration control
- selectable spin speeds for easy control
- extended 10-year warranty on washer motor and wash basket
- automatic dispensers for detergent, bleach, and fabric softener
- displays estimated time remaining
- clothes come out of the washer and dryer smelling fresh
- drying time is fast and efficient
- wide opening lid with smooth hinges
- last cycle recall and dial controls


- large amount of lint left at the bottom of the washer
- heavier items do not always come out as clean as expected
- medium weight items often come out twisted or shredded

Full Specifications »

Load Top
Spin Speed 950
Number of Spin Speeds 3
Temperature Settings 3
Color White
Drum material  Stainless Steel
Lid Hinge  Wide-Opening Lid with SmoothClose Hinge
Controls Knobs
Height 44 Inches
Width 28 Inches
Depth 27 Inches
No. of Cycles 10
Steam No
Allergen Removal  No
Power Wash Yes
Bleach Dispenser Yes
Add a garment  Yes
Delay start No
Control lockout No
Sound Package QuietSeries Sound Package
Estimate time remaining Yes
Energy Star Qualified Yes
Fresh Hold Option No
Max Extract Spin Yes
Sensi-Care Wash system Yes
Oxi-treat (stain fighting) No
Smooth Balance  Yes
Intelifill (water level sensor) Yes


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Comments for Maytag MVWB300WQ
Super capacity washer 4.7 cu ft

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Apr 16, 2013
by: mad dog

Horrible machine, was told it could handle a king size light weight quilt, nope it goes off balance, causing you to reposition quilt. it twists pants and clothes together, WRINKLES almost everything that even my steam dryer can not get out. lock mechanism, replaced 3 times, upper lip of drum replaced twice, service person did not even know why it is gouging and tearing. when washing towels it allows the biggest towel to wrap around others causing them to not get clean. If you mix towels with clothes it twists so bad you can pull out a shirt and it will have dry spots on it. Sorry this is a long review but I can not stress how crappy this machine is.

Jul 28, 2011
bravos junk
by: Anonymous

wont fill 14 mos. old maytag people dont mind selling junk as long as they got your money

May 17, 2011
Massive Water Leak
by: Anonymous

I have been doing laundry for two people for 5 weeks. Last night I put in a load, coach slipcover and small blanket (which I have washer together before) and ended up with a LAKE in the basement. For "low water" HE, I have no idea how it leaked this much. It appears to be leaking from underneath the machine. Hope I got a LEMON! Am waiting for a call back from the store to see if they will replace. I don't want another FLOOD!!

Apr 19, 2011
So Disappointing!
by: Anonymous

I am so disappointed with this Maytag Bravos. I have had this washer for 6 months and have used it for so many different loads for my family of 6. The main problem I have encountered with this washer is that it twists all the clothes while spinning them (even on low spin the twist is still tight). I have tried various settings to remedy this and the best is to put the spin on low but that doesn't solve the problem. I like to hang some of my clothes and because the machine twists them while spinning, even after shaking them, the clothes definitely need an iron. If I put them in the dryer, my problem is not as evident, but some of the clothes, depending on the fabric, do need ironing.

Mar 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

We purchased our washer in December of 2009 and had been fairly satisfied with it. The clothes DO come out very wrinkled and larger items sometimes come out never having gotten wet. But the biggest problem is that 1 month after our warranty expired the "user interface board" has gone out and will cost over $300 to fix! Almost 50% of the original cost of the machine! After only 13 months????? We will never buy a Maytag again.

Mar 15, 2011
by: pjacobs

I am not happy with this machine to say the least. Where do I start...
1. I hang dry a lot of my clothes as to not shrink or fade them, but I can't with this machine, it leaves hair and lint on everything. If you have animals that have hair, this machine is not for you!

2. Large bulky items throw the machine off balance and after attending to the machine several times I end up rinsing them in my sink and hand wringing to put them in the dryer.

3. The sheets, jeans, sometimes the towels come out very twisted.

4. Most everything is so wrinkled that even after putting them in the dryer they need ironing.

If this is what (he) is all about I don't want it, I'm searching for the old type machine, I'm told they still make them.

5. Maytag says I have to deal with the hair and lint and put everything in the dryer, (that is not an option). Now I have to convince Home Depot to take it back. You'd think after paying over $600.00, if you weren't happy for any reason with a product they should take it back and refund your money....we'll see.

Feb 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

saves water, quiet, cleans laundry better than any other washers i have used including front load washers.

Feb 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thanks for saving me the headaches. I'm so glad i started reading these reviews before buying

Jan 25, 2011
Just Say NO
by: Sherry in Clarksville

I've had this machine for about a year, and I feel so strongly, I'm writing my first review. I'm 62, so I've had lots of washing machines to compare to. Here's my list: Loud rumbling noises that don't sound "normal" for a washing machine.

If I use the maximum extraction, my clothes are left tangled to the point the dryer will not un-wrinkle them. If I use the medium extraction, the clothes drip with water.

I find softner marks on my clothes from the poor quality of the dispenser. Ruined.

My whites look dingy, colors look bland. I have very tiny lint on dark colors.

It hasn't leaked water, which is worth 1 star. I wait patiently for it to break.

Jan 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have always used Maytag and this is the first one that I really do not like. The clothes at any size finish very tightly wrapped and there never seems to be enough water to really clean the clothes as I had when I had my Neptune front load. Now that was a good washing machine. Never complained with any thing just had it for so long the board needed replacing and it was almost cheaper to just replace it. Should have gotten a new board huh.

Nov 11, 2010
never again
by: Anonymous

we've noticed a good number of loads where some items never even got wet...tried different cycles and different load sizes....still isn't 100%. Also, it will play heck with blankets. Paid $700 and we have had it 9 mos and it's going out the door.

Nov 07, 2010
Brand new today....
by: Anonymous

...and so far, so good. I've done four loads so far...one was huge with towels. Didn't notice any lint in the bottom. One load was medium weight stuff...underwear, etc. Found that if I take each piece out and shake it a bit, the things dry better. My dryer is an old Whirlpool and so far is keeping up but the loads have been a bit larger than the dryer should take.
Wish the lid didn't lock...I'd like to see how this thing works!

Oct 04, 2010
One load wonder
by: Anonymous

Ah- the lid error. Seems I should have researched this model more closely.

Load number one- no problem. Then the "lid" error. Level (side to side, and front to back)= check. Unplugged 5 minutes (then restart) = check. Twenty minutes waiting for Maytag to answer 800.688.9900 = check.

Nothing is stuck in or on the lid, and after one load, the magnetic contact can't be dirty, though I suspect the circuit board is faulty.

Oct 02, 2010
Super, Quiet Performance
by: Mike M.

We love the high capacity and smooth, quiet performance. Haven't experienced lint at the bottom or the twisted laundry at medium loads. Our water bill has dropped by 25%. Wish a machine like this was available a long time ago.

Sep 25, 2010
maytag bravo 300
by: Anonymous

love it so much

Jul 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

Just bought this washer and it is very loud. Sounds like an airplane engine in the spin cycle. Is this normal?

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