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Maytag Heavy Duty Dryer - Model MDET236AYW

by Pat
(Zephyrhills, FL)

I finally had to replace my dryer. I bought my new Maytag in November, 2006 at my local Lowe’s dealer (…. And they deliver for free and take my broken down, old dryer for free !!)

I live in a manufactured home in west central Florida. I bought the original washer/dryer set when I moved here in 1989.

The washer is still going strong, but I have had to replace the dryer.

Every Maytag I’ve ever purchased has lasted longer and worked better than any other brand. When I lived up north, everything I had that I could get from Maytag, I did. Now they’re gone. I don’t understand.

I was a little concerned because the washer and dryer are outside in the shed, just like everyone else in my retirement park.

I worried about the heat in that uninsulated, non-air-conditioned sauna-like room, and I worried about the cold, yes, sometimes it does get down into the 30’s in the winter, but the appliances seem not to be affected.

The best feature is that even though I set it to run the full cycle, it has sensors that “know” when the clothes are dry and it shuts off automatically, instead of going to the end of the cycle.

I know that’s good for the environment and my heat bill, but I like it best because of the time it saves me.

I just couldn’t be happier with my Maytag dryer.

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Dec 29, 2008
Maytag MDET236AYW
by: Anonymous

I paid about $350 for mine (same model number) about 3 years ago.

Dec 18, 2008
Anyone know how much they paid for theirs?
by: KK German

Ha! I wonder who reads these.

Breaking up with my partner. We have a disagreement over WHO bought the dryer. My records show I paid $375 to Lowes Dec 2005 for the dryer, on my credit card. HE says it's an $800 dryer and he paid half (HOW - I'll never know).
I can't find any at Lowes that match the model # currently for sale.
Maybe this is not a thread type of post - but we do like the dryer and I want to take it with ME and feel I don't owe him $400 more for it...
KK German
Virginia Beach, VA

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