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Maytag Bravos (5.0 cf ) MVWB450WQ

The MVWB450WQ washer is part of Maytag’s highly reliable and innovative range of washing machines. Featuring a larger capacity at 5.0 cu. ft., and equipped with 13 cycles and 5 options, this washer can accommodate the toughest loads without the noise and vibration typical of other washing machines.

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  Quick Specs  

Style: top loading, white, wide lid, stainless steel wash basket
Cleaning: 1,100 rpm, 5.0 cu ft, 4 temperatures
Cycles: 13 (incl. Power wash cycle, extra rinse)
Features: smoothbalance suspension system
fast spinning washing machine

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Powered by Maytag Commercial Technology, the 5.0 cu. ft. super size capacity washer works quietly in the background with the QuietSeries sound package. Its Smooth Balance suspension system reduces noise and vibration. The washer also features reliable, top-quality commercial grade components, and there is an extended 10-year warranty on the motor and wash basket.

Washer Highlights

Interior highlights

  • Sensi-care wash system with Intelliclean Impeller.
  • Power wash cycle can accommodate bigger laundry size.
  • MaxExtract extended spin results in dry clothes in a lesser amount of time.
  • Cycles up to 13 wash cycles for different types of laundry.

    Exterior highlights

  • Display The estimated time remaining display allows you to see how much time is left for each laundry load.
  • SmoothClose hinge and wide-opening lid make it easy to load and unload laundry.

  • Dimension Specifications
  • Height: 44 in.
  • Width: 28 in.

  • Depth: 27 in.
  • Total volume: 5.0 cu.ft.

  • 5.0 cu. ft. bigger load capacity
  • The power wash cycle feature removes even the most stubborn of stains, and with the heaters high internal temperature, stain removal is made even more efficient.
  • The smooth balance suspension system keeps the noise and vibration to a minimum, resulting in a quieter operation.
  • The drum is constructed using stainless steel so the machine is able to handle the toughest cycles and the toughest loads.

  • Some customers say with such a wide variety of cycles, it can be tough choosing the right cycle.

    Consumer Opinions

  • power wash cycle for stubborn stains
  • Smooth Balance suspension system for quiet washing machine operations
  • super size drum capacity at 5.0 cu. ft
  • extended warranty on washer motor and wash basket
  • white wash cycle keeps white clothes whiter

    Full Specifications »

    Load Top
    Spin Speed 1100
    Number of Spin Speeds 4
    Temperature Settings 4
    Color White
    Drum material  Stainless Steel
    Lid Hinge  Wide-Opening Lid with SmoothClose™ Hinge
    Controls Digital
    Height 44 Inches
    Width 28 Inches
    Depth 27 Inches
    No. of Cycles 13
    Steam No
    Allergen Removal  No
    Power Wash Yes
    Bleach Dispenser Yes
    Add a garment  Yes
    Delay start No
    Control lockout No
    Sound Package QuietSeries Sound Package
    Estimate time remaining Yes
    Energy Star Qualified Yes
    Fresh Hold Option No
    Max Extract Spin Yes
    Sensi-Care Wash system Yes
    Oxi-treat (stain fighting) No
    Smooth Balance  Yes
    Intelifill (water level sensor) Yes


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  • Comments for Maytag Bravos (5.0 cf ) MVWB450WQ

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    Apr 21, 2013
    Agree with the last complaint
    by: Anonymous

    The washer does not clean lint off the clothes. We had a kenmore for 25 years that was dynamite.

    This washer is now 12 months old. We are so frustrated. As a family we now sit around the dinner table and clean the white lint splotches off the clothes.

    We are closer now however, ....?

    Feb 16, 2013
    Don't buy this washer
    by: Anonymous

    I wish I had my old washing machine back, the one that lasted 25 years and had a central agitator arm and actually cleaned clothes. The top load washer does an awful job. All the dirt and hair stays on top of the clothes when the water drains. If I happen to mistakenly use powdered detergent when I do a dark wash, I have to rewash everything because all the clothes are covered with white blotches and even after re-washing them a second time it’s hard to get the spots out. Don’t buy this washer you will regret it!

    Aug 03, 2012
    by: MMalone

    spent over $1000.00, lasted only 4 years. Will
    cost more to repair than to replace. Serviceman
    agreed, piece of junk

    Mar 25, 2012
    worst machine ever
    by: Anonymous

    It is by far the worst washer I have ever bought !!!!!!
    It is always out of balance, always. We had a repair man check it, and after spending $140.00, we were told that is the way it works.
    Maytag has issues with balance. It is a piece of junk !!!!!!!

    Feb 02, 2012
    Avoid the Maytag Bravos 300 quiet series
    by: Anonymous

    I have owned mine for just over 14 months now. I did not buy an extended warranty from Lowes, because I felt buying a Maytag, it would last for years. The bearing has already gone out in it, and I received a quote of $700.00 plus to repair it. Purchased new cost $799.00. What is with repairs costing as much as it is new? Be warned...Whirlpool has bought out Maytag, and I guess they continue to use the Maytag name since it had such a good reputation. I do believe I would carry my clothes to the creek before I would purchase another Maytag/Whirlpool product. Their customer service department cannot even receive email...go figure?

    Nov 12, 2011
    Great Washer
    by: charles

    We bought from Home Depot 8/28/11 and it has worked just super. The Bravo title on the sale ticket is 450WQ but on the lid is 300 Quiet Series. Also bought the 4 yr warranty for $99. Works just great for us and do not know why all the complaints of this site. Please read the instructions on how to operate the washer.

    All our clothes come out clean and we shake them out to get rid of wrinkles before putting in the dryer. Whites wash with a bleach do wash for an hour and 15 minutes on hot and come out super white.

    Smelly towels or smelly washer are a symptom of the non-agitator washers. Get products like, "Smelly Washer" or Affresh to cure this problem. And quit using fabric softners!

    Having the choices of wash loads, temp, soil, rinse, etc. to me is great. Works for us.
    Just hoping the product lasts 10-15 years.

    Sep 29, 2011
    washer sucks
    by: Anonymous

    had a repair man that would not listen said it was in my drain spent $135.00 on plumber to be told it was the washer not my drain

    Jun 30, 2011
    Lemon Law
    by: Anonymous

    We had an older refrigerator. It was a GE Profile with all of the high tech gadgetry that could possibly be packed into a refrigerator made in the mid 1990s. After it and our other appliances were about 10 years old, we decided to pick up a major appliance repair policy on our, Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, A/C and Refrigerator. We had the policy about 3 years when a part behind the ice-maker's electronic control panel broke down. They sent a technician to repair it. After he left, the problem still existed so I called again. Another tech came and replaced a part. 1 week went by and no ice again. I called them again and they sent the first tech back. He fiddled with some things, got it working and said he fixed it and left. 2 hours elapsed and, yep... no ice. Another call, another tech. Same deal. Worked for a day then no ice. About this time, I decided to take it apart myself. I found a little sleeve that a pin rotated in. the sleeve was cracked. When pressure was put on the activator when you pushed the glass against it, a servo kicked in an twisted an aspherical pin which in turn activated a switch that told the ice maker to dispense ice. Well, when that motor turned the pin it opened the crack in the sleeve and the pin did not stay centered because with the crack open, it had room to move left and right and therefore, would sometimes activate the switch and sometimes not. I called and they sent another tech. This time I showed him the problem and the man put glue on it and said not to use it for 24 hours and left. In 24 hours, I tried it and low and behold it worked... For two weeks. I called them back again and the lady told me ?Sir this is the 6th time you have called within 6 months (Maybe it was 12 months) and that means according to the Florida Lemon Law, we are going to buy you a new refrigerator?. I was speechless.
    Not only did they buy us a new fridge, but because our old fridge was a top of the line model in 1995, they bought us a top of the line model in 2008. They let me walk into an appliance store and pick out a $2,300.00 refrigerator and they delivered to my house, installed it and took the old one away and all it cost me was the time and aggravation of having a service guy to my house 5 times and one trip to the appliance store.
    The next year, the same story repeated itself with our dishwasher which was a top of the line Meile that I had gotten for free when one of my clients replaced hers 5 years earlier. One problem 5 service calls without a fix. They once again let me walk into an appliance store and pick out $1,300.00 Dishwasher at no cost to me. I don?t think they would be doing this if the Lemon Law wasn?t pretty explicit that they had to.

    Jun 30, 2011
    Lemon Law and Class Action Law Suit
    by: Eric

    A. Lemon Law - Each State has it's own Lemon Law which specifies the number of times a product must have had an attempt to repair it made before it is legally classified as a lemon. To the person who said they had it repaired six times, your will probably qualify. By law, you are owed a new machine.

    B. It souunds like all you people have to do is unite and you might have grounds for a class action lawsuit! Maybe you can find an attorney who bought Bravos or Neptunes!

    May 29, 2011
    sour towels
    by: Anonymous

    I would love to return this washer but it's too late. I had a washer for 17 years and bought a Bravos and i regret it totally. I have never ever had sour smelling towels in all the 17 years with my old washer. DO NOT PURCHASE the MAYTAG BRAVOS!!!!!!

    May 20, 2011
    Update to May 12, 2011 post
    by: Kim

    The appliance repairman came out and couldn't even run diagnostics on my new Maytag Bravos washer because it was "dead" he said. To get my clothes out, he said he had to break the lock on the lid, or pry off the top of the washer. He pried off the top. My clothes were sopping wet and starting to go sour. He said it needs a new control board and he's not sure how long it will take to get the part but hopefully no more than 7 days.

    I called Lowe's to see if I could get a new replacement since I am scared this might be a lemon. The manager said I have to go through the required steps (replace the control panel)and that they can't just give me a new washer. I said fine but if anything else happens with this washer after this, they WILL take it back and refund my money.

    I do a large amount of laundry weekly and had to visit the laundromat today which cost me a pretty penny just to wash 4 large loads. I cannot afford this.

    I am TICKED.

    May 12, 2011
    Washer not working after 2 months
    by: Kim

    We bought the set of Maytag Bravos at Lowes with the extended warranty. We picked Maytag over the Whirlpool set because the Maytag had a 10 year manufacturers warranty and the Whirlpool only had I think a 1-2 year warranty (can't remember which), so we paid a little extra for the Maytag to get the better warranty.

    I use my set almost every day, and last night I went down to unload the washer and the entire panel was flashing on and off and makeing a clicking sound. I tried to open the lid and it's locked. I have tried everything to get the lid open or reset the machine to no avail. The "troubleshooting" section of the manual has nothing about this problem. I have tried hitting cancel, unplugging, holding down the power button, etc. the lid is still locked with my clothes inside and lights are flashing and it's making a clicking sound.

    I called Lowes and they said I needed to call the warranty place, so I called them and they said it's under manufacturer's warranty and they are sending somebody out tomorrow.

    I read in one of the other posts, the washer and dryer are not supposed to be plugged into the same outlet and mine are, but that is the way the Lowes installers hooked it up.

    So disappointing that we've only had it for 2 months. I should have listened to my friends and bought a Fisher and Paykel brand.

    May 07, 2011
    Do Not Buy
    by: Peter

    We have had our washer for 4 years now and have been putting up with the knotted, wrinkled and "not quite clean" clothing problems described by others in this post as we paid over $1000.00 CDN at Home Depot for it.
    Six months ago the washer showed an "F1" fault. We called Maytag (Whirlpool) and they advised it was the main control board and that there was NO warranty on the electronics nor would they sell me another board directly - we had to go through a repair service.$350.00 for the board plus labor, we were back in business.
    Yesterday the machine quit again - all lights on the display blink, no fault code shows up and the machine beeps whenever you try to push a button. I tried resetting the machine by turning off power to it for an hour but no go.Repairman thinks its the display board.
    Time for a new washer - I will never buy the Whirlpool family of products again.

    Apr 02, 2011
    don't buy
    by: Anonymous

    Purchased March 6, 2011
    First, thank you to Lowe's for taking this machine back. No hassle, compassionate customer service.
    If I had read the "Getting The Best Performance From My Washer" insert that was included with the manual BEFORE I bought this washer, I may not have purchased it. This informative little insert clearly reveals that Maytag knows that "wrinkling and tangling" are issues with their appliance. There are six different suggestions as to how to minimize wrinkling and tangling. I still have not hit upon the right combination of cycle, wash temp, rinse temp, spin speed, soil level, and three factors related to "loading" the washer that will alleviate the horrendous wrinkles this machine insists on putting into my clothes. Maytag doesn't even know how to solve the problem themselves ... page 9 of the manual states that cold rinses may help reduce wrinkles, while the "Getting The Best" insert states that warm water reduces wrinkles. You cannot line-dry laundry with this appliance; the wrinkles are undescribable, and you will need a full cycle in the dryer to minimize them. (note the word "minimize." Even the dryer can't get them out, and you will need extra time in the dryer and an iron to accomplish acceptable results.) No savings here. While you may save water (which in our area is not too expensive), you will more than make up for it attempting to combat the wrinkles.

    Mar 29, 2011
    Bravo is the wrong name for this washer!!
    by: Anonymous

    I had mine almost 2 years and its a good thing I bought the extended insurance,because i went to wash and the panel board was flashing and I couldnt get the machine to operate at all.The repair man came from ABT and said he has to order a whole new panel board which if I didnt have the insurance it would have cost me $500.00!!!! Now thats nuts for all I paid for the washer? What Happens in nov when the insurance runs out!!The store where I purchased it said it would insure it again for only 1 year at a cost of $200.00 , I would NEVER buy a maytag again The repairman told me they get many calls on this washer,and the cheaper washers are made just as well!! So I will buy cheaper next time and not worry if it breaks down,but for this one Maytag Sucks!!!

    Mar 15, 2011
    Pray it works
    by: Anonymous

    I purchased this machine a week ago, installed it myself, and it did not work. I called the place I bought it from, and they sent a repairman. He said that the control board and interface were inoperative. He also said Maytag will not honor the warranty due to the fact that the washer and dryer(gas dryer 110v) were plugged into the same outlet box.

    The instructions state it is recommended that the washer be run on a separate circuit (how many homes have a separate circuit for a washer?),but didn't specify that major damage will occur if it wasn't plugged in that way.The store where I bought it and repairman said they install them like that all the time and have had no problems. They had no idea why maytag was putting me through this. I called maytag, got to the "corporate manager" and he said there would be no way they would replace the washer due to "electronic interference" that happened when I plugged it in.I said it was broken before I bought it, as the dryer wasn't plugged in at time of install and testing of washer. MAYTAG WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR MACHINES !!! not even 24 hours after purchase. The appliance store replaced it, and it works pretty good even with dryer plugged in.It seems to clean clothes fine,is relatively quiet, but this experience has ruined my image of maytag/whirlpool.

    If this was the best washer ever , I still would not recommend this machine due to the poor treatment by the maytag customer service. If you do buy this machine , buy it from a reputable store that will take it back when it don't work, because maytag will not. They made it obvious to me that they do not care about their customers.I won't buy from them again.

    Feb 22, 2011
    Maytag is JUNK
    by: Anonymous

    WE purchased a Maytag washer and dryer from Lowes in 2009, I have always loved my maytag products.NOT THIS TIME.there was not emough water in the washer to get the cloths completely wet, cloths were tangled, and the bleach dispencer was not rinsing well and bleach would be on my next load.I called maytag service line and was told to carry buckets of water to my washer! They did send out 4 different repair men no one could fix the problems So we talked to the place we bought them,Lowes and they replaced the washer with a new one,Now a few months later the new maytag bravos is leaking and maytag has sent out the repair man 6 times replaced 3 parts and it is still leaking. Again we went back to Lowes and they are again replaceing both the washer and dryer. And NO WAY IN HE-- am I getting another maytag product. I also purchased a maytag dish washer in 2009 it has been repaired 3 times. I will nver buy another maytag product. All I can say I will always shop at Lowes for the GREAT service and they do what they say they will do .They do take care of the customer.We sent Maytag a letter to the main office and guess what we have never heard from them

    Feb 22, 2011
    by: Carmen Renta

    Towels turn into bowling balls, summer weight cotton quilt turns into unmovable domes. This is the worse washer I have had in 45 years. Machine moves off the wall when sheets or towels are combined, large capacity washer cannot spin towels or sheets. Nightmare.

    Feb 18, 2011
    Fantastic Smooth Quiet
    by: Anonymous

    After 10 years with a goofy Staber washer I am in love again with my washer. No longer have anxiety about running the washer if guests may be coming over. Looks great and washes even better.

    Jan 13, 2011
    Very tangled clothes
    by: Anonymous

    Dirty clothes just do not seem to get clean and when they are finished all the clothes are very knotted and tangled. Liquid bleach is not evenly distributed and consequently we have noted splotchy clothes because of this. I am less then impressed with this machine and I am working with Lowes to replace it with something else.

    Dec 18, 2010
    Worst Washer ever
    by: Anonymous

    I bought this washer a couple months ago from Lowes. After reading the complete manual I did several loads and really tried to like this washer. The clothes were always wrinkled and the matching dryer is even worse! Gets off balance really easy so you have to rearrange everything which defeats the purpose of having a washer. If I wanted to get my hands wet, I would sit out by the river and hand wash my hands with a bar of soap... lol

    Calling Maytag will get you no where. Finally I went to Lowes and the salesman who sold me the washer and dryer asked what was wrong. I told them the problems with the washer and dryer. I was told to find something else and they would not only deliver it, they would bring the other ones back. Lowes provides customer service so do your homework on the washer and dryers but buy from Lowes for added security in your purchase. Happy Holidays!!

    Sep 23, 2010
    water level too low
    by: joe

    I used this machine almost a year, only thing I disappointed for that water level is too low (or say too save water) in the rinse cycle! a little water how do rinse good.

    Jun 03, 2010
    works pretty well
    by: ShopMaven

    Discovered that the Maytag Bravos (and the Whirlpool Cabrio twin) use the Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart technology. It works by using the plate at the bottom to sort of "knead" the clothes.

    It can be tricky to choose the right cycle for different types of clothing -- it's not like the old days when "Normal" cycle worked good enough for everything except "heavy duty" loads like towels. (As someone who had to use the heavy duty cycle for the last 12 years of a 17 year life span on a Kenmore/Whirlpool 80 series, I've become very experienced with untwirling and untangling wrinkled clothes!)

    So, I researched this machine pretty thoroughly and found an additional $100 rebate on the pair at Lowes, plus the Maytag Energy Star 20% discount and a tax-free weekend, convinced me to choose the Maytag rather than either the Cabrio or the Fisher & Paykel model.

    So, first load I discovered that "Normal" is a hearty wash that handles jeans well but is too tough for light cotton pants, blouses and even school uniform skirts. Instead, the cotton cycle handles those lighter things better -- less twisting and tangling. Also, I discovered an entirely dry (but seemingly clean) sock in a "Normal" cyle load that was interrupted by "add a garment." Somehow, we confused it and dumped the cycle. Rerunning that set of clothes with a higher soil level (on Normal) solved the problem.

    So, my limited experience says to keep trying the combos until you know what will work for your clothes.

    Dec 20, 2009
    You'll be happy
    by: Anonymous

    I absolutly love mine. I bought the set a week ago and so far its been awsome!!

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