LG Steam Washer
WM2688HNM Review

The LG Steam Washer WM2688HNM has many features that are very beneficial. These features include the capacity, many cycles, basket, delay wash, and a glass door.

These features may help you make your decision if you are considering purchasing this steam washer.

The LG Steam washer has a four foot cubic capacity that allows you to wash larger loads of laundry. This allows you to have to wash less loads of laundry.

This saves you time so you don’t spend as much time washing laundry. Most of the time you don’t have time to do it so it piles up and then you only get a couple of loads done.

With a washer this size you will have your laundry completed in no time.

A Closer Look

Wash cycles

You can also take advantage of 9 different wash cycles. This gives you an excellent opportunity to properly wash your clothes they way they need to be.

Most people can choose from three different cycles and usually keep their cycle on the same type of load most of the time because there is only one good cycle.

The LG steam washer WM2688HNM has nine cycles for you to choose from because they care about the way your laundry is washed. You can wash extremely delicate items or the durable and rough items the way they really need to get washed.

You will be amazed when you wash the durable items that hold in the dirt and find they are clean the first time.

You won’t have to run these items in the washer a couple of times to really get them clean because this washing machine is designed to work right.

Solid Design

There is also a stainless steel tub basket inside of the machine. This is an excellent feature.

Most washing machines have a plastic basket that can get damaged due to zippers on clothing and other items causing wear and tear.

The basket in this washer is going to last for the entire life of the machine.

Glass Door

Another favored feature on the LG steam washer WM2688HNM is that it has a glass door.

People love the fact that they can see their clothes getting clean through the door.

It allows you to see the water levels are high enough and that your clothes are washing the way they should be.

Special Features to make life easier!

One of the nicest features on this steam washer is that you can set a delay up to 19 hours on the machine. This means that if you are not quite ready for your load to wash then you can program it to when you would like it to.

This provides a lot of convenience if you are not going to be home or if you want to make sure the family completes their showers first so you don’t use all of the water pressure in your home, if that is an issue. You also might be one to do your loads during the evenings so you can save money on your energy bill.

Being able to program your washing machine to run at a certain time is very nice.

LG Steam Washer WM2688HNM Pros

One consumer who purchased this machine absolutely loves it because their clothes show their true colors.

They have never had clothes so incredibly clean before because of the many different selections in wash types and settings.

The washer spins the clothes almost dry so you don’t have to worry about the dryer taking too long to dry the clothes nor do you have to worry about dripping water all over the floor when you are transporting the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

One consumer mentioned that they bought a faulty machine and had to have a service technician come out and fix it.

The problem was that the LG technicians didn’t provide sufficient support for her.

This was annoying and an inconvenience. No one likes to work with a company that provides improper customer service and this was a concern for the consumer.

Final Thought

Most consumers are pleased with the beauty of the machine because it really looks nice in any home and they are not embarrassed to have their washing machine showing with the doors open to their laundry closet. They actually want to show off how gorgeous it is.

The LG steam washer WM2688HNM is known for the amazing way clothes look when they come from a cycle.

The machine also has such a strong spin on them that they are almost dry before they need to go to the dryer. The average consumer absolutely loves this steam washer. You most likely will too.

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