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WM0642HW Review

So many washers and so little time! What would man (or woman for that matter) do without washers? If we did not have washing machines in this day and age we would still be scrubbing out our underwear on a rock!

Not a very pretty picture is it? That just goes to show just how far that man has come since those days.

The topic of interest today folks is the LG WM0642HV front load washing machine.

We will be discussing the advantages and the disadvantages of this little baby along with a few customers opinions about it. Let us start off by giving you a little description of this washer.

Description of the LG WM0642HV Front Load Washer

It comes in white (if you prefer) and has a three point eight cu ft capacity. You can load this baby by the front.

It also has a neat little gizmo called delay start, so that you can start the wash when it is most convenient for you. We all know, that is many of us women, that we can not always start something right away.

Sometimes, things have to wait until we have the time to do it. You can even use this feature to start the laundry when you are not even home!

This little number also has seven different wash cycles ranging from delicate to permanent press.

Let's face it, in this day and age, we need all of the choices we can get. With our lifestyles and the different fabrics that we wear it is no wonder that we need many different ways to clean these fabrics.

The LG WM0642HW also has rear-panel digital controls which means that you can access the controls easily which makes for a pretty sleek looking washing machine.

This washing machine has a large-capacity which means that you can pile on the clothes! It will handle even your biggest, and bulkiest loads of laundry.

In a time where every second counts, the fact that it is a large-capacity washing machine is a plus because you can do fewer loads and still get a lot done!

This washing machine also has an automatic temperature control so that you have the right level of hot water or cold water that whatever type of fabric you are washing might need.

As you well know, certain fabrics require certain temperatures. If you don't wash a certain garment with the right temperature than you could risk destroying your clothes.

Which if you do not have much money at your disposal could be a bad thing.

LG WM0642HV Front Loader Plus Points

Many of the reviews have been positive about this washer, one customer has stated that it is "smooth, quiet, and ever so gentle", she was referring to the way that the machine will rotate one way and then the other, and then it would rotate all the way around in one smooth, fluid motion while not tangling up all of her clothes.

She also goes on to state that it barely used any water. Which we all know is wonderful in conserving water and in turn, helping to maintain the environment.

The woman also marveled at the fact that she could throw in lacy camisoles and other lacy unmentionables and that the washing machine would not rip them apart, which too often happens with many other types of machines.

How many of us have thrown out camisoles and pretty underwear that was ripped apart by the washing machine?

Another customer has said that she is extremely happy with her LG WM0642HW, she claims that she can not get over how quiet it is and goes on to state that when she got it, her first load consisted mainly of towels and it was a big load to boot.

She said that the load turned out beautifully and smelled wonderful, they were clean too! She also stated that she didn't have to fight to get the towels out of the washer as so many of us do.

LG WM0642HV Front Loader Negative Points

I have only come across one negative comment so far about the LG washer and this came from a lady who stated that she had her washer for twenty-eight days and has had to call for repair service twice, although she never stated what it had to be repaired for.

She also claimed that if she washes anything more than a few tee shirts that the machine makes a horrible racket.

Final Thought

While there have been good reviews and bad reviews on this product, a person can only decide for themselves if they like the LG WM0642HW Front Load Washer.

After all, each individual has their own opinions about things and deciding if this washer is for you will be your own choice.

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