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GE PFWS4600LWW Profile White Front Load Washer 5.1 cu. ft.

Energy Star Overnight Ready Cycle

The PFWS4600LWW is a washer manufactured by GE with features that let you save on water and energy and in turn, on utility costs. In fact, this model has an Energy Star certification and a CEE Tier III rating, which proves that it has met guidelines by the federal government for efficiency in energy of appliances. It has an eWash option that if chosen, uses cold water for certain cycles. This will not require the washer to use its warming or heating mechanism for water, thus using less energy. This model also has the Adaptive Fill capacity which makes sure that only the appropriate amount of water is used depending on the volume of the load in the washer. No more water waste!

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Washer Highlights

Interior Features

  • Among the cycles present in this model are three unique options that would benefit particular preferences. For users who need to have something washed and ready as soon as possible, there is the Speed Wash, which quickly cleans lightly soiled items fast enough. This cycle should also be convenient for people who don’t have the much time for doing laundry. Another cycle for people on the go is the Overnight Ready option which readies small loads in as little as 8 hours. There’s also a specialty cycle that takes specific care of performance fabrics and active wear.

  • A built-in feature of the washer is a Stain Inspector System which has the ability to treat 40 of the most common stains in laundry.

    Exterior Features

  • The control panel at the top portion of the front face of the washer contains a Child Lock, a safety feature that keeps children from opening the washer especially if it is in the middle of a cycle, an LED Cycle Countdown and LED Cycle Status Lights that tell you of the status of a wash or rinse cycle, a Delay Start of up to 24 hours in case you would like to start a wash cycle even if you are not physically present to operate the washer and a Deluxe End-of-Cycle Signal to inform you that a cycle has ended.

  • The door has an inverted triangle-shaped see-thru glass window where you can take a look at what’s going on inside the washer even when it is in the middle of a cycle. A dark chrome TruGrip handle lets you unload and load the washer with your laundry items without hassle.

  • Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 34 3/8 in
    Height: 39 3/4 in
    Width: 27 in
    Overall Capacity: 5.1 cu. ft.


  • As this model is Energy Star qualified, you can be assured that it has met the federal standards for appliances in the area of energy efficiency.
  • The steam features in this model allow for gentle yet effective cleaning. A lot of users prefer steam technology because they know that it doesn’t damage even the most delicate items, so Steam Refresh and Steam Assist are an advantage.
  • The Adaptive Vibration Control or AVC lets you install the machine anywhere at home and do laundry anytime without having to worry about disturbing the peace. AVC adjusts the washer’s spin intensity so that the washer produces the least amount of vibration and noise.
  • With the special cycles such as the Overnight Ready and Speed Wash options, you can be sure that items are ready to be used again in as fast as 8 hours.


  • The front door and window of the washer has an inverted triangle shape which is not really the preferred view of users, especially those who are used to the circular door and window in most washers.


  • Consumer-trusted steam features
  • Qualified for Energy Star
  • Stylish modern design
  • Vibration and noise eliminated
  • Overnight ready and other special cycles


  • Awkwardly-shaped door

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