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GE GFWH2405LMS Metallic Silver Frontload Washer 4.9 cu. ft.

Energy Star Adaptive Vibration Control

The GFWH2405LMS is a washer with a sleek stainless steel finish manufactured by GE. With its built-in Adaptive Vibration Control or AVC feature, you can install the washer anywhere without thinking of how noisy or unstable it may be because this feature optimizes and adjust the spin patterns that the machine makes, which in turn reduces sound and vibration produced. Thus, no matter where it is placed, you can enjoy its quiet yet effective operations. You can also enjoy year-round savings on energy and money, as the model is CEE Tier III rated and is qualified for Energy Star certification, which ensures that the machine is compliant to federal guidelines for efficiency in energy use for appliances.

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FAFW3801LB washing machine

Washer Highlights

Interior Features

  • The 1200 RPM spin speed, proves useful during rinsing time, as the fast speeds of spinning during rinse cycles efficiently take out water and therefore minimize the time required for drying the items.

  • With the HydroHeater with sanitization, users with a preference for using hot water in washing their laundry can do so by activating this internal water heater that increases incoming water temperature. With its built-in sanitization feature, laundry will get rid of common bacteria while white items will be more brightened with the use of hot water.

  • Load size adaptive fill feature lets you save on water. With this mechanism, the washer automatically measures the amount of water needed for a particular load, so that water to be used for a wash or rinse cycle is just right, not in excess or not too little.

    Exterior Features

  • The Door The door’s circular glass window is framed with a dark chrome circumference, adding to the sleek appearance of the metallic silver exterior of the machine.

  • The controls are easily located at the upper portion of the front side of the machine, on top of the door. All the necessary dials for cycle selection and the LED screen, which should inform you of the cycle currently used and remaining time, are neatly displayed.

  • Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 34 in
    Height: 40 1/2 in
    Width: 27 in
    Overall capacity: 4.9 cu. ft.


  • Washer cycles present in this model include Drain and Spin, Active Wear, Speed Wash, Stain Wash, 2nd Rinse, PreWash and Rinse and Spin, which consider both the convenience of the user and the types of loads put in the machine for washing.
  • The built-in Timed Flow-Thru dispenser mechanisms included in the model are for detergent (both liquid and powder), bleach, fabric Softener and pretreat solution.
  • The control types in the model include both rotary and electronic controls that can be easily used.
  • Along with the sanitize option, the washer has 5 built-in wash and rinse temperatures.
  • The load size adaptive fill feature of the machine lets the washer use the appropriate amount of water on every load, minimizing excess and waste in water usage.


  • There is only one custom wash cycle for this model, which may be very limited for users who are more used to having machines that have more custom wash cycles to match their loads.


  • Appropriate number of washer cycles
  • Adequate number of built-in wash and rinse temperatures
  • waste in water use eliminated
  • precise dispensing of laundry implements


  • One custom wash cycle only

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