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Bosch WFVC544CUC Front Load Washer 4.4 cu ft

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  Quick Specs  
Style: front loading, brown
Cleaning: 1,150 RPM max, 4.4 Cu. Ft., heats wash water up 170F
Cycles: 15 Wash cycles
Features: 19 h delay start, leak protection system, , AVS Anit-Vibration System,
fast spinning washing machine

The Bosch WFVC544CUC is a 500 series front load washer that comes with 4.4. cu. ft. capacity and measures 27 inches wide. Equipped with EcoSmart sensors and AquaStop leak protection system, the NSF-certified washer has up to 15 wash cycles to choose from and other essential features that are designed to deliver efficient washing performance.

Key features

  • EcoSmart Technology provides a highly efficient washing system through sensors.
  • EcoAction lets you save up to 20% of energy.
  • Energy Star certification ensures energy efficiency.
  • The 15 wash cycles allow you to customize each wash for different articles of clothing.
  • The Stain Removal option helps lift stain and dirt in just one cycle.
  • The AVS Anit-Vibration System keeps the noise level at a minimum.
  • The AquaStop leak protection system prevents leak and water damage.
  • NSF certification means that the washer can eliminated up to 99.9% of bacteria on clothes.
  • The unit comes in a sleek design in sepia color, with stainless steel drum, silver buttons, and LED display.
  • The stackable washer allows you to save on floor space, especially when paired with a dryer.


  • This front load washer operates smoothly and quietly.
  • There are no thumps in the drum and annoying vibration that runs throughout the washing cycle for other washers.
  • Some consumers also noticed how the unit runs with less water compared to other washing machines, not to mention that it is certified as an energy-saver, especially when using the option for EcoAction.
  • The 15 wash cycles are also very effective when washing clothes with different types of fabric.
  • It is easy to wash bulky items such as comforters and towels using the comforter cycle.
  • When jeans are washed, they don't fade, shrink, or come out wrinkled.
  • There are also no trace of detergent, especially when using the allergy rinse option.
  • It is gentle on baby clothes and other delicates, with special options for these articles of clothing.
  • The Bosch WFVC544CUC also has a very sleek and modern design, with stainless steel drum to ensure durability, silver buttons that are easy to use, and LED display for status indicator.
  • It can thoroughly wash clothes with a max speed of 1,150 rpm.


  • Some consumers find its more than $1,000 price tag a bit expensive.
  • Some front load washers with almost the same features and design are sold at a cheaper price.
  • Some have also reported trouble with installation, especially with the bolts.
  • Some stains are also hard to remove, and the unit doesn't offer a prewash option, which could have been helpful.

    Consumer Opinions


  • operates quietly without too much vibration
  • clothes don't fade, shrink, or come out wrinkled
  • cleans well
  • uses less water
  • saves on energy
  • sleek design
  • durable, with stainless steel drum
  • has 15 wash cycles for different types of clothes (baby clothes, comforters, jeans, delicates, etc.)


  • a bit expensive
  • doesn't have a prewash option
  • stain removal option not effective all the time
  • a bit difficult to install

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