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Black & Decker Steam Iron Model #F1050

by Denise
(Springfield, VA)

This clothes iron is great, it is lightweight and easy to handle and move around, and it has an auto off switch which I really like. With small children in the house the auto off switch is a really handy thing to have, you don’t have to remember to turn it off.

We have purchased several Black and Decker products in the past, and wanted to purchase an iron that was durable and would do a good job, this iron was a good choice. This iron will automatically provide the right amount of steam you need depending on the fabric you are working with, there is no guesswork here. I have had problems in the past cooking the fabric, but have not had any problems with this iron. I iron a wide variety of fabrics, so the steam function has been very useful for me.

The cord on this iron is long enough to allow you to get to different areas of the item you are ironing, it’s not so short that you end up straining to reach what you need to iron. This iron also has a spray function on the top in case you need to dampen your garment for any reason. I generally iron a lot of hemlines, so the spray function is great for wetting those areas before ironing. I would rate this iron a ten out of a possible ten, I do not have any complaints, it has worked great for me and continues to iron everything to perfection.

I did not purchase any additional warranty with this iron, and so far I have not needed it. Also, for the price of this iron, when compared with some of the others I looked at, I think it was a very wise buy, a great value. Good luck!

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