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Xtra - Mountain Rain scent

Our family uses the laundry detergent called Xtra, specifically the Mountain Rain scent. It comes in a large green plastic bottle. Since we do not use fabric softener due to sensitive skin, we are very pleased with the fragrance and softness that Xtra provides.

It cleans clothes very well too. At one point, mechanic’s clothes went into our washing machine, full of dirt, grime, and especially car engine fluids. Xtra worked flawlessly to get all of the stains out. I can always count on it to keep our whites white and our colors bright.

In regards to the mountain rain scent, we smell it instead of harsh chemicals when loading our laundry, but after our clothes come out of the dryer, they just smell like clothes and do not really have a scent; but the scent is a bonus when having to do the chore of laundry.

It also contains biodegradable surfactants and contains no phosphates, which is great for the environment. Xtra also works just as well, if not better, than the more expensive brands.

You get the same great cleaning power for almost half the price. What could be better than that? I highly recommend Xtra in the Mountain Rain scent for all of your laundry needs.

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