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Publix Brand Free & Clear

by Julie
(Georgia, USA)

For a store brand, this detergent is great! For a name brand this detergent is great! My child and I both have allergies and skin sensitivities so we have to use a free and clear product. After always having to pay more to get a name brand specialty product, I finally decided to try Publix Brand (a supermarket brand). It worked great, and it really was free of smells, even normal free and clears sometimes leave a weird smell.

The soap rinsed completely out, nothing left to make you itch!! It is inexpensive and works better than other name brands I have tried. Who couldn't do with paying less and still getting fantastic quality? When I started using it my son was still an infant, and I believe it is great as a baby detergent and is a lot cheaper.

It comes in the highly concentrated variety so you use less per wash but it works the same. I have found that it can work as a pretreatment as well, gets rid of almost all stains even stubborn ones!

If you do use a pretreatment other than the detergent itself, you can be sure that the Free and clear by Publix will make sure that it gets completely rinsed out. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a free and clear detergent.

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Jan 17, 2013
No more substitutes!
by: Cassie

I am a big fan of Publix brand products so I was very pleased when they came out with their own detergent. I too, have very sensitive skin so have used the free and clear. Due to being ill for a while...my husband has been doing the laundry. I noticed a rash on my body and assumed it was food related. As you have guessed..I learned that hubby had bought another brand. After switching back to the Publix Free and Clear, no more rash and of course clothes are VERY
clean.( No...I dont work for Publix!! : ) )

May 11, 2011
Not "Free and Clear"
by: Michelle

This brand does include floral perfumes, and I smelled them instantly when I opened the bottle. There is no full ingredients list on the label, and it's hard to find, but noted in a few places that Publix Free and Clear products do have perfumes.

Oct 25, 2010
Just bought it
by: Anonymous

I just purchased Publix Brand Free & Clear.
It was on special 2 for 5.00 so I bought one.
This made the price 2.50. I will use it this week but I almost took it back concerned that it might be to cheap. I have senitive skin but I was thinking to buy most if not all Publix Brand products and Green Wise to.

Sep 29, 2009
Quality of clothes?
by: Anonymous

My 6wk old just started showing signs of sensitive skin like me and my 3 year old. Pediatrician reccomended this. My main concern is for the quality of clothes. I used Tide 7 signs or something, that's supposed to protect from stretching, fading, etc. I wash clothes at least 5 times a week and am concerned about the life of them! Thanks!! :)

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