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LG WM3431HS 24in Washer/Dryer Combo with 2.44 Cu. Ft. Capacity (Titanium)

The WM3431HS is a combo washer and dryer that is designed for small spaces, making it perfect for those who want to wash their laundry at home but do not have the external venting space required by conventional washers and dryers.

Key Features

- All in one washer/dryer combo for easy washing and drying with wash to dry or dry only features.
- Five temperature choices for customizing temperatures according to the type of fabric.
- Nine wash programs for customizing according to the kind of fabrics in the load.
- NeverRust stainless steel drum reduces the risk of rust and chipping paint that can discolor and damage the clothes.
- Ventless condensing dry system allows you to dry clothes even without an external venting system.
- SenseClean system adjusts the water level and the cycle time according to the type and amount of load.
- Sensor Dry system measures the amount of moisture in the drum and adjusts the temperature for optimum drying time.
- Sanitary cycle removes germs and bacteria from the fabric.
- Titanium and white finish for a classic and elegant, modern look.
- Upfront electronic controls with Dial-a-Cycle features for easy manipulation of settings.
- LoDecibel Quiet operation keeps the machine humming quietly in the background.
- High water and energy efficiency features to help you save on power and water bills. The front loading washer from LG exceeds Energy Star specifications by 39% giving you more in energy and water savings.
- Delay wash for up to 19 hours allows you to set the time
you want the unit to start washing when it’s most convenient for you.


This one of the few combos in the market designed for small spaces where you cannot have a traditional washer or dryer hook up. You can plug the electronic plug directly into any outlet and the inlet hose can be connected to the sink.

The dryer also is designed to work fine without the need for an air vent. The unit comes with the sanitary wash feature that removes bacteria with very hot water and keeps white articles of clothing at their whitest. Another useful feature that users love is the delay wash feature which allows you to set the timer before you leave for work so it can start a few hours before you come home. That way you only have to unload fresh and clean laundry when you get home from work.


It takes too long to wash and dry loads, as long as 3 to 4 hours for some. The machine is also sensitive to how the laundry is loaded. If the drum is unbalanced, the machine will reset and reset until the machine is balanced and this will take more time. The small capacity also means that you have to do multiple loads every week if you have a medium-sized family.

Consumer Like and Dislikes


- Great useful features like the sanitary clean and the timer
- No need for the traditional washer and dryer hook up


- Takes too long to wash and dry one load
- Small capacity

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