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White Whirlpool 3.2 cu. ft. Super Capacity Washer model no. WTW5200SQ

Many of us have tried the "new and improved" washers, only to be disappointed. I decided to go back to something tried and true. The Whirlpool Super Capacity washer is the best washing machine

I've ever had, and a fraction of the cost. Washing machines don't get much more basic than this, but maybe why this one is so great: no special features to break or wear out. I've had this washer for about three years and have never had a single problem with it, even after two moves.

It never rocks, and it isn't very loud. The "super capacity" now seems to be standard, but it can hold a huge load, which is a lifesaver for me because I have three small children who go through at least two outfits a day. I can even wash large blankets or comforters with no problems. Even as basic as this washer is, it still has plenty of cycle options: heavy duty, permanent press, delicate, etc.

I would recommend this washer to absolutely anyone. It's almost always on sale at Sears for under $300, which is an absolute steal, and you can usually get free shipping, so win-win!

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Apr 16, 2010
capable washer
by: Anonymous

-You can wash pretty large loads
-Space saver

-Doesn't have as many cycles as other machines
-Has trouble with comforters

This is a very good machine overall. First and foremost it's not an expensive model, I got mine on sale for $350 and I'm glad to say very pleased that I was able to replace my washer/dryer combined unit for a brand new one that didn't break the bank during this bad economy.

I'm usually a beliver that you get what you pay for but don't let the price fool you, this machine get's the job done. It has a can easily accomodate large loads with ease and it doesn't feel like it's being stressed by these large capacities.

It has the necessary functions such as delicate, casual, and normal, an extra rinse cycle, four water temperatures, and other options that I have not played with yet. It also contains noise within the unit per the manufactuares specs but honestly I've never been bothered by any of the washing machines that I've ever owned.

Now no review would be complete without honest critizism and the items that come to mind about this unit is that I've seen more cycles on other washers that I was researching and I did wash a comforter that isn't too heavy and it this is the only time I've felt that the machine was a fatigued.

In conclusion this is a good machine for the cost I highly recommend it. It's a good name brand, durable, and does the job.

Jun 03, 2009
by: Lee Killmore

I did have a Whirlpool for 25 years, it was a real workhorse to a family of 7 didnt miss a beat, so when it was time to update, I bought the equivelent Whirlpool a couple of years ago.

I am so very disapointed, it has no lint filter as much as you separate the clothes or put the least amount of detergent i have tried everything they still come out with lint all over them. a year ago I had to replace a part as the water would not pump out and today it has happened again. It is absolutely hopeless

Mar 10, 2009
Hold Off On This One...
by: Anonymous

There are very few reviews out for this machine as of this date. I bought the machine, got it home, and straight out of the box, it was dented. I ran a load and noticed immediately that the water pouring into the machine to fill the tub appeared to be slower than my last machine, and although that concerned me (because of added time to wash a load), it wouldn't have been enough for a bad review or to return the machine. However, near the end of the cycle, from the other end of my house, I heard a horrible racket, loud enough to cause me to RUN, not walk, back to the laundry room to check it out. The machine was vibrating badly and had jumped several feet out into the floor ON CARPET (not a smooth, slick vinyl). The spin cycle also did not appear to be working right; there were a couple times it seemed to stop altogether, but when I lifted the lid and closed it again, it would begin to spin and jump again. As I mentioned, the one I got had been damaged in shipping, we picked it up at the store ourselves, and as soon as we got it home, before we even got it out of the truck, we pulled the box off and saw a dent in the front of the machine. I'm unsure if the machine's problems with the spin cycle could have been caused by whatever damaged the front of the machine. My advice is to wait until a few more reviewers post for this machine. Across the different websites, at this date, I have only been able to find a couple of reviews.

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