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white kenmore 7865

by sam Queen
(Baltimore, Maryland)

I have a white Kenmore gas clothes dryer and I have had it almost two years. I bought it from Sears for about $500.00 bucks.

The dryer is very quiet and has a “wrinkle guard” That does really help with keeping everything wrinkle free and looking great.

There was also a feature that stops the dryer early if the clothes are already dry. This feature was very helpful because it prevents clothes from shrinking.

There is also 4 temperatures which also helps the clothes from shrinking which has always been my number one problem when it comes to dryers. I usually stick to Kenmore products because they usually last a long time. The last one I had I had it for 8 years.

This one I have only had it almost 2 years but it runs like I just bought it yesterday. Also there is a one year warranty that I never needed and I have never gotten the extended warranty because they last so long without any maintenance needed. And for a little under 500.00 dollars you really can’t beat the price or the quality of the dryer.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new clothes dryer!

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