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Videocon V-NA-45FDX

by Abhijit

I bought the machine nine years back from Goa (India). It is a Videocon Automatic single tub washing machine model no V-NA-45FDX.

Previously I had a semi automatic machine from the same company but it was very tedious to shift the cloths from the washer to the dryer every time. It also occupied huge space and used to make loud noise while the dryer was in operation.

After thoughtful consideration and keeping in mind my budget, one fine day i bought the above automatic washing machine which was slim and silent and guess what! I got three thousand rupees off in exchange of the old machine.

As far as the performance of the machine goes it was ok and acceptable. Since it did not have the hot water function we had to literally soak the laundry in hot water before putting it to wash. I would recommend it to only those whose have a limited budget and want a automatic machine. If these are not any one's constraints then definately there are better alternatives.

I would definately like to give a suggestion to the company about one of its features. The company should come out with a front door machine since it is much easier to load the laundry and remove it when it is ready as compared to the top door machine. Another suggestion is that the company should use fibre material for the stand on which the machine rests since it does not rust over time.

To conclude i would say that the machine i purchased nine years back has satisfied both me and my family. As far as the features go the company has come out with better washing machines with higher load capacity and less power consuming to make life simple and people happy.

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