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by Joan
(Wichita Falls, TX)

My mother used Tide my entire growing up years. Then when I grew up I used a less expensive brand, due to economics. It was working fine, I thought. But after I got married I was ironing my husband's shirts one day and the clothes just smelled funny. I didn't know what it was but just put up with it.

Then I ironed clothes for a friend of mine one day and they smelled so wonderful. Same iron, same ironing board, same starch. So I asked her later what she used to clean her clothes. She said Tide.

So I bought a small bottle of liquid Tide and tried it myself and then ironed my husband's shirts. No smell. So I decided right then and there never to use anything but Tide ever again. The smell out of the washer and the dryer is just amazing. That commercial about people going around smelling that other detergent is stupid, but the other day I found myself doing the same thing with my towels.

When they changed to the 2X Tide I had to adjust the amount of liquid I use. The recommended amount does not get the clothes clean so I double it. Truly I wish they would go back to the original.

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Jul 12, 2015
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Aug 13, 2010
by: Toni van Ravenzwaaij

Am a Tide user and want to tell you that I am always satisfied with your products.
However wanted to comment on the marvellous advertisement, so true, down to earth and very tasteful. It's a pleasure to look at it.
Thank you

May 17, 2010
Powdered Tide with Bleach
by: Anonymous

Powdered Tide with Bleach ROCKS...it gets and keeps whites brilliant. I have recently made my homemade laundry detergent to save money. It works pretty well on clothes that don't get really dirty, but on Hubby's dirty, gungy, grease-stained jeans and T-shirts it's gotta be Tide with Bleach. I proved it by washing one pair in homemade detergent. They didn't look very clean so the next day I washed them again with another pair in Tide and they were spotless! I grew up with old-fashioned Tide.

Feb 16, 2009
Tide Free
by: Ashley

I too was raised on Tide by my mother and grandmother. As a young adult, I switched to a cheaper brand of detergent with devistating results. The detergent irritated my skin so badly that I was hospitalized for extreme hives! Immediately, I switched to Tide Free, by recommendation of my grandmother...and have been in LOVE ever since. I am so glad that Tide has a version of non-allergen detergent: it smells great and makes my clothing and bedding cozy! I will never default from Tide.

Feb 01, 2009
by: Anonymous

tide is wonderful detergent. one day i was folding clothes at my friends house and they stunk really bad but we had just took them out of the washer. i said "tina why do your clothes smell so stinky?" she replied"i dont know i am using the dollar store brand." so i gave her some tide to try and she love it. so the next time i went over i was helping fold clothes and all i could do was smell her clothes except the undies!hahaha

Oct 02, 2008
Great detergent
by: Cosmica

I've never had a problem with Tide, and I've always enjoyed using it.

I had a college roommate who stole my entire bottle and needless to say, I was pretty furious at her.

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