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Tide Liquid Concentrate with Febreeze

by Jason
(Mayfield, KY, USA )

I've been very impressed with the new Tide Liquid Concentrate with Febreeze. The compact size of the bottle makes for not only a great space saver, but the smaller, ergonomically correct bottle makes the product easier to transport after purchasing, especially when buying a bottle for several load of laundry and takes up less storage space.

It is also great way to support a healthier environment. The concentrated formula translates into less soap per wash. I really like the easy, twist off top. The convenient top makes measuring the correct amountf flawless and makes for easy pouring.

The added touch of Febreeze leaves clothes smelling great, and as always, this new formula from Tide leaves clothes very clean with generally no extra need for a separate stain remover. Wash after wash, this product will not fade dark clothes.

I have tried several other laundry detergent brands and formula, and nothing comes close to getting clothes cleaner than the trusted brand of Tide or addes the extra touch of freshness as well as Febreeze.

Overall, I feel the price is a steal in comparison to other brands for the quality of detergent and the manner in which it leaves clothes as clean as can be, wash after wash. I will stick with the trusted brand of Tide.

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Oct 30, 2008
pollution push push!
by: febreeze stuff

ne savez vous pas que vos bombes aerosols cause autant ou sinon plus de dommage que la cigarette????????
a sniffer des parfums ca brule les poumons et le enfants ne le savent pas....ca sent bon...point!
pas suprenante de voir les cas d ashmes et de maladies pulmonaires chez les jeunes????

gare a vous pollueurs.....vous aurez surment des
plaintes ou des poursuites sur le dos bientot!

Oct 02, 2008
Tide Liquid Concentrate
by: Kryer

I completely agree with you on your review. I too enjoy how small the bottle is as well as the fact that its much easier to carry. Our complex has the laundry downstairs and having to carry down a load of laundry and then this GIANT size bottle of soap has always been an issue. Thanks to the small size of the bottle we can always store 1 or 2 at a time.

The smell is fantastic, and as we have many friends who are smokers its definitely nice to be able to wash anything and have it truly have a nice clean smell.

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