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T-FAL, Avantis 100 Iron

by Danel Mushail
(Brooklyn NY usa)

This specific iron, T-FAL Avantis 100, is a very well working iron and has a lot of different well working features. It has many functions that can be used, such as; a steamer, you can set it to go off automatically, there is also a water spray setting so you can get creases out with much more simplicity.

There are also several temperature levels which can reduce the chances of you burning your clothes. The temperature has material presets to choose from, such as; synthetic, silk, wool, cotton, linen and more. This iron, T-FAL Avantis 100, has 3 new features which include; auto off, anti drip, and vertical.

I will now explain:

Auto Off, a very good feature which automatically turns off the iron after a certain amount of time when not in use to prevent accidental fire or burning of your precious clothes.

Anti Drip, prevents drip of access water in any position that you may put this iron in. This is a good feature that will make you happy because you will not find any sort of water marks or wet spots on the clothes or material of which you are ironing or of which is near the iron while it is put away.

Vertical, this key feature will allow steam out while using the iron in a vertical position.

What I would say is one of the best features to this tremendously wonderful and exuberantly ravishing iron is ... Drum Roll ... its ability to .... IRON CLOTHES! Yes you heard me correctly!... It as a matter of fact does indeed iron clothes!!
Woohoo!! YAY! Hurrayy!! ... RIGHT?

Basically i love this iron and nothing will ever replace my iron, nothing i tell you! NOTHINGG!!!

Yes I am what you think of me, i AM AN IRON FREAK ... HA HA HA


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