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Sunbeam Simple Press Iron

We purchased this iron based mainly on price. It was around $30 and was about the price of the other irons but this one looked cuter and promised to be drip free and it had a retractable cord which I thought was great since my last iron had a regular cord and it was a pain to put away. I also liked that this iron is mostly plastic and was supposed to be more gentle on clothes because of it.

The design is sleek, for an iron it is pretty cute, I don't know why I would need a pink iron, but I chose it because I hadn't seen a colored one before. One of this irons big claims is that it is drip free. It has a part you fill with water and a button to push to make a quick steam to get out a hard wrinkle.

Well I must say it really isn't drip free, it works about like any other iron, it drips. As far as the plastic being better than metal to protect your clothes, it was not a good idea. My last iron was also a sunbeam, but with the regular metal bottom.

It lasted 15 years and dripped about as much, however my old iron could get hot, this one never heats up as much because plastic is not as good of a conductor of heat. I also really doubt this iron will last very long. We have stopped using this iron and I bought a much cheaper sunbeam iron. I like sunbeam as a company and think they make a good product, this just is not it. I would not buy this if I were you.

- The cord re-tractor is very nice and works very well, my old iron died because the cord frayed and this one will not.
- The looks of this really are great, you can't beat a pink iron.

- This iron is not leak or drip free at all. It leaks a lot and can be very dangerous if you are not expecting it to. I have not been burned by it, but we have had some close calls.
- The plastic does not do a good job of getting the wrinkles out.

1 out of 5

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