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Sunbeam Iron 3989

by Stephanie
(San Francisco, CA, United States)

The Sunbeam 3989 is a great and affordable iron. I picked mine up for pretty cheap at a Target four years ago and it had been working well since.

One of the things I like about this iron is that it has a built in spray function. The iron can easily be filled with water by holding it under a sink faucet. The spray button is conveniently located on top of the handle, making it easy to use while ironing. The ability of the iron to hold water also lets it work as a steamer, making clothes nice and fresh. Luckily, the Sunbeam also has a dry setting, so even if you have water in it, you won't get any on your clothes if you don't want to.

I also like that the Sunbeam has an auto-off function. After 30 minutes of being plugged in, the iron will shut itself off. This is great for me because I sometimes forget to unplug things. And if it shuts off while I am in the middle of ironing, I can just re-insert the plug to turn it back on.

I do have a bit of a gripe with the iron's heat capacity though. It has different settings for different fabrics, with low for silk and high for linen. However, on the low setting the iron is barely even warm. In order to get out wrinkles I have to keep the heat setting on high, no matter what fabric I'm ironing. It's not a huge deal to me, because I've never damaged any of my clothes or had any problems, but if you are looking for an iron with a better variety of heats you may want to consider a different model. If you are just looking for something simple to get the job done, then the Sunbeam 3989 is a pretty good choice.

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