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Stay close to the washer!

by Caitlin
(Columbus, OH)

Keep an eye on your washer. Our old one used to get stuck on one part of the cycle and would keep agitating until someone stopped it. I ruined a load of clothes this way, because they washed all night long!

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by: Best-essays

I do agree that it is better to keep an eye on your washing machine while it is running. Some machines have a timer and provide the feature to start running in 4, 6, 8 hours. I would not use it, coz I would better keep an eye on it while it is starting washing.

Attending to your washer
by: Anonymous

It only makes sense to keep an eye on your washer while it is running. To many things can go wrong while you are washing your clothes. A hose could break flooding your washroom, the washer can get stuck on one cycle, or your load can become unbalanced. Any number of things can go wrong! So to protect your cloths and your home from unwanted damage, do not leave your washer unattended.

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