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Samsung WF218ANW 4.0 cu. ft. High Efficiency Front Load Washer

If you have different types of laundry to clean every week, then a high-efficiency washer is what you need. Samsung's WF218ANW/ WF218ANB not only offers energy efficiency but also some peace and quiet with reduced noise and vibration levels. The extra-large capacity at 4.0 cu. ft. is also among its neat features.

With adequate features, its is very convenient to use and makes a practical choice for many households. Available in Neat White and Breakwater Blue, it makes a great display among modern household appliances.

Key features

- Spend less time doing a batch of laundry with the extra-large capacity of this front load washer that can easily fit in a a comforter.

- The Vibration Reduction Technology keeps the noise and vibration level at a minimum, allowing the machine to operate smoothly and without thuds coming from the drum during the wash cycle.

- With spin speed of up to 1100 rpm, it can handle different loads and does a great job with the laundry task at hand.

- It is designed with an easy to use control panel that displays the preset cycles and other programmable features for the perfect type of wash setting,

- It comes with a safety feature such as the child lock.

- The direct drive motor doesn't use belts and gears and works with less vibration.

- The washer features a delay start option and electronic controls.

- The washer is visually appealing with its stylish accents and metallic colors.

- The washer is Energy Star-compliant and a known space-saver.


This front load washer comes with highly programmable features, which make it very efficient to use. It works quietly well. Some consumers can't help but notice that it cuts on drying time because it drains a lot of water from the clothes. It helps save on energy and it takes less time to finish washing heavy loads because of its super size capacity. Some have noticed how white pieces of clothing come out clean and whiter, if that's possible.

It also requires less water and detergent, which allow consumers to save more. It is quite sturdy as well; it doesn't dance around the floor. The electronic controls and display are quite impressive, and these add to the modern touch of this washer, which comes in stylish metallic colors.


The washer makes some vibrating sounds if not leveled well. The common problem is the odor. You still have to keep the door partly open and wipe off excess moisture to make sure there won't be odor problems. It also takes a while to wash heavy loads such as a comforter, which has a tendency to ball up. Some consumers also find this model to be a bit expensive.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- space saver
- energy-efficient
- highly programmable
- doesn't leak
- cleans well
- cuts on drying time
- has large capacity
- efficient and quiet
- stylish design


- a bit expensive
- still makes vibrating sounds
- has odor problems
- takes time to clean heavy laundry items

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Comments for Samsung WF218ANW 4.0 cu. ft. High Efficiency Front Load Washer

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Mar 21, 2016
Find another brand to buy NEW
by: Former buyer

My 6 year old Samsung washer will no longer spin out the clothes completely and based on the reviews I have seen this is a common and continuing issue that costs more to repair than it would to buy a new one (not a Samsung if your smart)
And by the way the Samsung dryer I bought at the same time always burns through an element once a year like clock work in April or May I will have to replace it luckily my son and husband have learned how to replace that! Otherwise it's about $600.00 every time it needs fixed RUN Don't walk away from Samsung products perhaps they should just stick to phones!!!!!!!!!! And I wouldn't buy one of them either now.

Aug 03, 2010
Samsung JUNK
by: Disgusted

I purchased this with a matching dryer for my wife in November 2009 by December 2009 we were ready to throw it out the window, we have had five service calls on the washer, clothes smell moldy,don't rinse well, heck the machine don't even clean. Example: I left a folded piece of paper in one of my pants pocket it got laundered and my wife found the paper nicely folded just as I put it in my pocket it didn't even look as it was wet.

The time it takes to do laundry is insane, because it fails to perform all laundry must be ran threw two complete cycles plus an extra rinse it takes four hours for a single load. We have tried to have Samsung take the pieces of crap back they don't want them, the store where we purchased them (the brick) don't want them either. The sales man did a sweet number on us he mentioned that his "co-worker" had the same set and was completely satisfied with them. Guess she enjoys wearing smelly,dingy,dirty,laundry to work and sleeping on dirty linen,drying her body with dirty towles. PEOPLE DO YOUR HOME WORK STAY AWAY FROM SAMSUNG JUNK. We are getting rid of the set and researching other brands. Believe me your better off going down to a river and doing your laundry with a stone.

Aug 02, 2010
Dirty white clothes
by: Anonymous

In 50 years of wahing clothes I have dirty looking white clothes. I'm not happy with the machine.

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