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Samsung : WF218ANB 4.0 cu. ft. Front Load Washer - Breakwater Blue

If you don't want the thud of the drum or any lingering noise or vibration disturbing your household, then Samsung's WF219ANB/ WF219ANW is one good option for you to consider. Not only does it have an extra-large capacity at 4.0 cu. ft, but this front-loader also has all the basic features you need for a clean wash. Its stylish design, available in Neat White and Breakwater Blue, also extends to its exterior with its durable stainless steel drum.

Key features

- Wash more laundry in one load using by maximizing the front load washer's extra-large capacity. You can easily throw in a king-size comforter, or wash several jeans or towels.

- Have no trouble with your machine vibrating on the floor or making unnecessary sounds because of its Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT), which enables smooth operation despite the spin speed of 1100 rpm.

- The stainless steel drum accommodates heavy loads and has a design that prevents snagging especially for delicates, thanks to the smaller water exit holes found at the diamond-shaped surface at the bottom.

- This front load washer makes a good addition along with any modern-looking household appliance. It is available in metallic colors and a known space-saver because of its stackable feature and optional pedestal.

- Save on energy when you use this Energy Star-compliant washer.


This washer may lack some of the fanciest features found in other front-loading machines from the same brand but can perform just as well. This washer is not only an energy-saver but also a space-saver. The optional pedestals have been very useful for stocking laundry supplies and
can be easily installed. For the most part, the washer is dependable with its stainless steel drum that doesn't snag clothes because of the smaller water exist holes.

If leveled properly, it doesn't make too much noise. It also has the necessary wash cycles for different types of load. It cuts down on drying time if the machine is given time to drain water from the drum. It is quiet and has adequate features for a clean wash. Just make sure that you use an HE detergent for more effective cleaning.


Some users have noted odor problems but this can be solved with the door left open until it is dry. The sealing ring and detergent holder should also be left open and given enough time to dry or it will leave some unpleasant odor. You have to get used to using little water to this machine and make sure that you don't add bleach too early or it may damage clothes. Perhaps because of the smaller water exit holes, some consumers claim that it doesn't drain water well. It also takes time to wash heavy loads such as comforters.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- space-saver with its stackable feature and optional pedestals
- eco-friendly/energy-efficient
- comes in sleek design (available colors in blue and white)
- uses stainless steel drum
- doesn't snag clothes
- reduced vibration and noise level
- cleans well if used properly


- takes a while to finish washing heavy loads
- doesn't drain water well
- makes noise if not leveled well
- hard to use bleach
- has odor problems

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Comments for Samsung : WF218ANB 4.0 cu. ft. Front Load Washer - Breakwater Blue

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Apr 22, 2017
Junk NEW
by: Mary M

bought this washer in breakwater blue Dry and pedestals all to match. Bought it in June 2012 extended 4 year warranty from Leon's in Woodstock Ontario the machine suddenly got very loud when it was in spin cycle called Leon's out of warranty but told me to call a local repairman which I did he gave me a quick estimate of what it would cost to repair, over $1500 to fix I can buy a new machine for that. Now the problem what do I do with the other components now that the breakwater blue is no longer in production how so I match them up. 4500 down the tubes because Samsung does not produce a good product. I WILL NEVER BUY SAMSUNG AGAIN

Sep 09, 2015
Coupons NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't appreciate how Samsung is not recall all these equipment and attempt to put aside their standing. fancy dress discount code

Jul 27, 2015
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

For myself, have run a business for 10 years, and responsibility lots of online Writing serves hw services , I would not find some email commerce card proficient.

Dec 07, 2014
code 3-e drain situation NEW
by: Anonymous

it doesn't have a detailed info about this code call for service, that over 3 100 bill after service call.

May 25, 2014
Do Not Buy! !! NEW
by: Michelle

I had the same experience as Ellen R except I had my washer for 5 yrs. Water leaked all over & the repair company (service quick) was anything but quick. They came assessed the problem order parts only to find out they needed to order more parts. The parts took over a week to come in only to find out they needed more parts. The company service quick never called to say the parts didn't come in & stayed home from work with the hopes my washer after 3 weeks would be fixed. Samsung was of no help & only gave me another company to try...that put my family of 5 without of washer to start over. I was sooo disgusted I bought a new washet NOT a Samsung! !! Horrible experience! !

Dec 12, 2011
Dud Machine
by: Ellen R

I purchased the washer/dryer combo as well as coordinating pedestals. I have owned them exactly 13 months and the drain pump to the washer has broke. Leaked water all over the floor. Lowes set me up with a repair company, another DUD. Repair person took apart washer to determine problem and once that was done told me in 2-4 days part should be in and washer repaired. That was almost 13 days ago!! I have tried to contact the repair company numerous times only to get their answering machine and no call back after a message is left. I have been in contact with Lowes over this and have gotten nowhere!!! TERRIBLE SERVICE from Lowes and the reapir service. When I decided to replace my old washer/dryer I decided to spend the extra money to get a better machine. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!!!

May 27, 2011
great washer
by: Anonymous

I bought this washer a year and a half ago. I love it. I too experienced the odor problem, followed all the advice in the manual and nothing helped. Ran it with hot water and bleach...nothing.
However, when i phoned their service department they told me to run the sanitize cycle a couple of times and then once a month or so. The odor dissapeared and has not returned. You need to run the sanitize cycle to kill bacteria in the machine from soap residue because of the way you add the soap to the laundry. Other than that it occasionally hasnt been able to balance a load and spin it dry, but i just readjust the load by hand. I wish it had a quick wash cycle but other than that i would definetly recommend it for the money. I have four kids so it gets used every day and does a great job cleaning the clothes. Its not noisy and doesn't vibrate much. Paid about 1200 cdn for the set and am very happy with the quality.

Apr 09, 2011
by: D. Turner

We purchased this model April 1, 2011 from a Company called EVER TRUST(what a joke) at 1505 S. Dupont Ave Unit A, Ontario, Ca 9176.
It was supposed to be a floor model but new.
After it was delivered we noticed a musty like odor in the laundry room in our home. It was coming from the washer. We phoned Ever Trust and they are not willing to exchange. They did send out a Tech as we purchased a 3 year warranty and he stated these washers have this problem and suggested we run a vinegar and water cycle which we did, odor is still there. SAMSUNG and EVER TRUST you should be ashamed of yourselves, recall NOW!!!! WHAT A RIPOFF!!

Mar 24, 2011
Not Happy At All
by: Mario Micallef

Do not buy this machine. It is way too noisy and vibrates too much. After three service calls which they come and cycle it empty, they tell me that it is within company specifications and that there is nothing they can do. I am so disappointed with it that I am inviting people to come and look at it with a load of clothes to show you what I mean.
I don't understand how Samsung is not recalling all these machines and try to save their reputation.
My email is mmicallef1@gmail.com for who ever is interested to come and look at my machine email me.

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