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Samsung Silver wash WA85VPLEC

by heartly rayan
(chennai, TN, India)

The washing machine was actually gifted by my uncle.

The washing machine is supposed to be high moving model from Sasmsung and it is the market leader in that segment. It was bought 2 years ago and its been working efficiently till now.
It is the top loading automatic washing machine with a capacity of 6.5kg. The whole drum is made of fiber and so rust free. The top lid is transparant so we can have a look at the washing process being done.

It also has a separate disperser for detergent/softner. One thing we liked most is that when the cleaning is done it doesn't make much of noise, nearly inaudible. It has different power options for different types of clothes. It fairly efficient in cleaning dress with normal stains. But collar and hard stains are not cleaned in this machine properly.
This machine come with a technology called silver wash, where a silver ion generator is activated while washing and this ions clean the clothes well and gets attached to the clothes so cleaning it for next time would be more efficient.
the timer function is of great use and also a benefit is that even during functioning of a cleaning cycle the power gets disrupt it doesn't start from the initial setup but starts from where it had stopped which some machines don't perform.

There is a magic filter as the company claims. it collects lots of lints and fibers from the washing process which is very good than other washing machines I've used. The product is very efficient in water and in power also.
so totally a clean performance..

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