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Rowenta Ultrasteam handheld fabric steamer

by Cheryl
(Easton ,Pa,, USA)

I just purchased the Rowenta Ultrasteam handheld fabric steamer. This is a wonderful product. It has 800 watts of power and it heats up in 30 seconds. There is a light right on the steamer that will turn off once the steamer is ready to use, therefore there is no guessing on when the steamer is ready for use. There is also a steam control dial on the handle that you can adjust.

There are three settings to help you effectively steam all types of fabrics. You can use the maximum setting for thicker fabrics such as cotton or linen, a medium setting for fabrics such as silk and a minimum setting for delicate synthetic fabrics. I highly recommend this steamer for delicate fabrics that I would be afraid to use my iron on. It also helps you to effectively steam out the wrinkles on detailed clothes that may have sequins, beads or other delicate appliqu├ęs.

The model that I purchased came with a steam brush that can be attached if needed. This feature helps to smooth the fabric while you are steaming out the wrinkles. To use the product simply remove and fill the water tank (This step is so easy it takes about a minute to do) after the tank is full, replace the tank back onto the steamer. Plug the steamer in and wait 30 seconds. After the light goes out the steamer is ready. Place your article of clothing onto a hanger and simply hold the bottom of the item and pull slightly as you steam the area you press the steam button, which is located on the handle. Go over all the areas you want wrinkle free.

It's that simple. Steaming clothing takes half the time that ironing does. The model that I purchased also came with a lint pad which can be used lastly to give the finishing touch to your garment. This lint pad can be used to remove lint, hair and unsightly threads from your clothing and helps to keep your clothing looking its best. The other wonderful feature was the long cord that this steamer has. With the long cord there is no struggling to reach all areas of your garment and when you are done the steamer fits right into a drawstring bag that can be hung up and kept out of the way when not in use.

This item makes ironing fun and easy instead of a chore - since you do not need a bulky ironing board or a lot of space to effectively use the steamer. I would highly recommend this product.

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