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Rowenta DX9800 Iron

I have the Rowenta DX9800 iron its a nice iron to have it doesn't look like anything different than anything else you could find. Its very plan with just a few buttons. but it works every time. I have had irons that spill water and stick to stuff.

But this one is a nice low cost iron, it has a a steam button were you can move it to point to were you'd like to iron its nothing new but its nice that it can be moves. So when am ironing a coat that i was pressed i can spray in the deep corners of it.

Like i said it has more in common with a iron of yester year then anything new. But its cheap and it seems to work. It also have auto off which is nice when your away from the iron but i have never seen it work. Which makes me think it might not work at all. But then again i almost never leave my iron plugged in when i leave the house or the room.

So i can't tell you for sure but. It is still a nice feature to have for that one time when you do forget and leave in a rush or what ever you have it. And leave your iron on. Other than that the features are poor, and if weight is a feature this one has it. Its not the heaviest iron iv used but after a hour of using it i wish it was a lot lighter.

The cord could be a bit longer i find that i use a extension cord ever time i use this iron even if am what i think close to a outlet. If it was retractable that would have been a plus but this iron is dependable and if you like a no frizzles iron this ones for you.

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