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Proctor Silex Steam N Dry Iron

The Proctor Silex iron we have, was a spur of the minute purchase. At the time we weren't really in the market looking for an iron. We had been having some problems with our old iron leaving marks on clothing, so on a whim, we decided to look at irons while we were at a discount store.

When we saw the Proctor Silex Steam N Dry, we decided to give it a shot. The deciding factors when we purchased this iron was it looked like it had several heating levels (which is one of the main factors my mother looks for) and it was very economically priced. It turned out to be a great investment. We have had this iron for years, and it has been very reliable and a good buy for us.

All temperatures work very well in this compact and lightweight iron. It is very easy to iron clothing and maneuvers very well on the clothing. I have never had a problem getting the clothing thoroughly ironed. There are several small areas on the iron that work well getting the smaller spots on the close.

The main flat part (which has the steam jets) works very well smoothing out the larger areas. As far as the pros and cons, it's very easy to find the pros, and very difficult to find the cons. As far as the positive aspects of this iron, I would say the speed with which it heats up (very quickly) and the light weight make this a great iron to have. The downsides of the Steam N Dry are harder to come up with.

For one, the appearance of the iron is a little old-fashioned. It isn't as bright and colorful as some of the more trendy irons. Another down side to this iron is it gets extremely hot. You do have to kind of keep an eye on it while it is heating. I've never had it burn any of my items, but I can see how it could. I rate this iron a solid 5. I have had this iron for several years, and it has always been reliable, dependable, and a great iron! Rating 5

- The speed with which it heats up
- Light weight

- The appearance of the iron is a little old-fashioned
- It gets extremely hot

5 out of 5

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