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Proctor Silex Steam Elite

by Katie
(Mukilteo, WA)

I have had this iron for about three years, and it is the only iron I have ever used with any regularity, so I don’t have a lot of previous ironing experience to compare it to. It was relatively inexpensive for an iron, costing about $25, when I think the typical range is between $20 and $60 for new irons. I can’t imagine what the more expensive models have to offer, what more can you ask for other than to get the wrinkles out?

I don't use my iron very often as a busy professional (I tend to toss things into the drying for a fluffing), but when I do I can always count on my iron to get the job done. It has an adjustable dial for the type of fabric, adjusts the level of heat accordingly.

For me, this is much more helpful than a knob that says "low," "medium," and "high," because I'm never fully sure what fabric requires high heat and what requires low, so this particular option proves to be very helpful – no one wants to melt a synthetic fabric or spend hours trying to press linen fabric on a low setting.

This particular iron boasts both steam and water spray functions. The steam function works very well. With a push of a button clouds of steam puff out and help you tackle the toughest wrinkles. The spray function is far less than ideal, actually this is one of the biggest drawbacks of this model. Once you push the spray button it not only sprays, it then proceeds to leak out of the actual surface of the iron for a few seconds. This is less than desirable as you have to wait for the water to stop dripping before you can dry the water up with the iron.

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