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Philips Travel Iron H152

The only time I use an iron is while I travel, otherwise I am steamer kind of person. I prefer to carry my own iron rather than use Hotel services when I travel, for two main reasons: saving on the bill and I hate waiting for my clothes to come in.

I have made a substantial decrease to my holiday bills by carrying an iron around with me, it doesn’t seem much but when you actually are on a long holidays it makes a big difference. Also imagine the ease, you just came back from the beach and are invited to another party in the evening that is a bit formal and you have to take your nice dress out, the hotel service says it will take at least one hour to get your dress pressed and back, but if you have your own iron you wear what you want and when you want.

I like my Philips H152 traveling Iron for the following reasons:
• Its small size, easily fits into your bag without taking much space
• The handle also has a collapsible feature again making storing easy, and chances of damage while in transit.
• Unlike many other traveling irons it gives a steam iron function.
• Comes with its own traveling pouch
• It has a option of Dual voltage for worldwide specification
• The iron is very light, weighing a small 2.3 kg
• It also comes with its own, easy poring water cup.
Some other features of the iron are:
• The power is 350 watts
• Has a small 50 ml water tank

I normally use the steam function as I have burned a few many garments in the past. I have been carrying this iron with me for about 4 years now, and have had no complains about its functions or durability.

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