Bosch Nexxt Dryers

How do Bosch Nexxt Dryers compare if you’re thinking of upgrading your dryer?

Bosch is a European company that also sells in the Unites States. They are known for high quality appliances that come with equally high prices.

Common Features

There are a variety of great features that can be commonly found in the Bosch Nexxt Dryers. The following are a few of the common features that you will find on most Bosch dryers.

Gentle Drying Cycles – While many dryers can be hard on clothing by using air that is very hot, the Bosch dryers actually blow more air at temperatures that are lower, so your clothes don’t get overheated. This means that your clothes get dried like they should and it keeps them looking great for a long time, while using less energy than most other dryers.

Special Ecosensor – Most of the Bosch dryers also have a special Ecosensor on them as well, which is a monitoring system that works to offer great drying results for our clothing. It senses the dampness of your clothes, so as the clothes get dryer it automatically reduces the amount of heat used. This means that laundry is well taken care of and that energy is preserved as well.

Extremely Quiet – Special technology is also used in Bosch dryers to make sure that they are extremely quiet. A noise dampening technology is used, which reduces the amount of sound that is put out by the dryer and also changes the sound frequency as well, which helps to bring you quiet drying time.

Energy Efficient – The dryers made by Bosch are extremely energy efficient. They make sure that your laundry is done as quickly as possible and with as little energy as possible, which means that you’ll actually save on your energy bill.

500 Series Bosch Next Dryer

The 500 is equipped to be one of the quietest dryers on the market. Unlike most dryers, they also feature a see-thru door, so you can see how your clothes are drying.

They also can be synchronized with your Bosch washer, so they will both end at the same time, saving you time when doing your laundry. How many times have you finished the wash and had to wait to put it in the dryer?

If you can’t get to the dry clothes immediately, the Bosch has a feature called Wrinkleblock, where the machine will continue to spin once every so often to keep wrinkles from setting in.

You have 11 drying programs to choose from that cover everything from delicate items to durable rugs… and a choice whether you want to end them as damp, dry or extra dry.

You can purchase dryers in this series in both white and silver, and it also has a volume capacity of 6.7 ft. as well.

This is a front loading dryer that comes with a moisture sensor, cool down features, quiet mode, and a variety of excellent drying cycles.

It has sensors that help to keep the clothes from overheating; however, some people have reported that the users manual can be a bit on the confusing side.

500 Plus Series Bosch Nexxt Dryer

The 500 Plus offers the above plus a drying rack that you can use for shoes or delicate fabrics, which is also excellent for clothing that has to dry flat.

You’ll also get the Ecosensor, which can sense when the clothes are dry, and will end the cycle, saving you time and energy.

This dryer also comes in both silver and white and has a variety of excellent features. It comes with a great silence rating of 67dB and is advertised as the quietest dryer that is sold in the United States.

It provides drying that is gentle, saves on energy, and has the special Ecosensor in it that helps to save energy and make sure that clothes are dried with the lowest heat possible.

800 Series Bosch Nexxt Dryer

The 800 offers all of the above, with 15 drying programs to choose from. Whether the additional drying programs is enough to warrant it being another model entirely is up to you.

This clothes dryer comes in two different colors – white, and a silver and white duo tone as well. This series of dryers has 6.7 ft capacity, which means it has quite a bit of room inside of it.

There are 11 different drying cycles available as well that are easily displayed on the LCD display. It offers quiet drying, a stainless steel drum, a drying rack, and even a special Wrinkle block feature to keep clothes from getting wrinkled.

Pros and Cons of Bosch Nexxt Dryers

In researching users comments on the above machines, it seems they fall into one of two camps… they either fall in love with the machine completely, or utterly hate it.

Some consumers think these dryers are the best money can buy… they’re quiet, gentle with clothing, and easy to run. Others have the exact opposite experience, finding these machines difficult to run, extremely loud, and frustrating.

Since all the machines they have written about are brand new, it is difficult to draw an easy comparison as to why some may be having a good experience while others are not.

Those having difficulties report that it is hard to work with customer service and to get timely repairs, as only Bosch certified technicians are allowed to repair the machines, and apparently it can be difficult to get them scheduled in a timely manner.

Those who were happy with their Bosch dryers found them quiet, and were amazed that they really did stop as soon as the clothing was dry.

They were a bit taken aback however, that the dryer cord and the ventilation hose were extra and not included in the price of the dryer, since it is an upscale model.

Those who didn’t like the Bosch had problems keeping them running. The dryer would turn off and an indicator light would blink.

After trying to remove the offending lint the dryer was indicating was there, it still would not work more than a few moments before the indicator light went on. A replacement did the same thing.

So, if you are considering Bosch Nexxt Dryers, do your homework. Chances are you’ll get a really nice dryer that you’ll be happy with for many years to come.

Or, you’ll be saddled with an expensive metal box that doesn’t want to work no matter what you do. If you have researched and found that the features that Bosch offers can’t be beat, then it may be worth trying.

Comparing Bosch Nexxt Dryers


800 Series

500 Plus Series

500 Series Nexxt

Eco Sensor



Noise Level




Drying Programs





silver / white


silver / white

Stainless Steel Drum




180 degree Door swing




Height (inches)

36 15/16"

36 15/16"

36 15/16"

Width (inches)




Depth (inches)

31 9/16"

31 9/16"

31 9/16"


Eco Sensor – sensors which ensure efficient drying by reducing heat for maximum efficiency.

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