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Miele Touchtronic T9822 Gas Dryer

by Sue
(Kildeer, IL)

I bought this dryer and shortly after noticed it was very loud when drying. While visiting a friend, I noticed hers was much quieter. She mentioned that she had just had an update from the manufacturer, so I called to complain about the noise and to schedule the update. The technician from the store I purchased it from reattached the venting to the back of the dryer with heat resistant tape and that fixed the problem. Unfortunately, Miele had to come out to install the update to the dryer. When they were he and he was testing it, the motherboard blew and they had to order me a new dryer (my dryer was only about 4 months old). I waited about a week for a new dryer and all was well until one day when the dryer didn't turn on. The next day, however, it worked. About a month or so later, the same thing happened. When I called Miele to troubleshoot the problem, I was told that the dryer has a sensor in it that protects the electronic board inside. This sensor shuts down the dryer for 24 hours when it determines that there is not enough electrical output available to run the unit successfully. Although this is well and good, it shuts the unit down for 24 hours and you never know when your dryer will work.

Right now it's 90 degrees outside and will be for the rest of the week and my guess is that I'll only be able to use my dryer in the early morning hours when more electrical usage is available. This is great for Miele to protect their product, however, not great for me when I want to use my dryer during peak electrical usage in my area. I hope they will come up with a solution to this problem.

The customer service person did tell me that it was the third call he had received that day, so I'm not the only one with the frustration. I plan to call them again to see if they can adjust the sensor in the machine.

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Loading Type Front Load
Fuel Type Gas: Available in both Natural and LP Gas versions
Color White
Drum Material Stainless steel HoneycombTM drum  
Control Type Advanced Touchtronic Controls
Capacity Super Large Capacity
Timed Dry 15 min cold, 45 min warm
Temperature Options  
Drying System Turbo drying option, Gentle drying option, Anti-Crease function, Buzzer drying option (on/off switch)
No. of Cycles 8
Cycles Extra Dry, Normal, Delicates, Hand Iron, Rotary Iron, Woolens, Timed Dry - 15 min cold, 45 min warm  
Special Features Basket Insert, Interior light, RemoteVisionTM capable, Fault indicators, Self diagnostics, PC update function, Vents to right, left or back

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