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Miele T8005 Large Capacity Tumble Dryer (Stainless Steel)

The Miele T 8005 Vented Dryer is a large capacity vented dryer. It boasts of advanced technologies such as its Advanced Touchtronic Controls and of superior materials such as the drum's stainless steel Honeycomb make. The dryer is capable of being set into 8 different drying options, each designed to effectively squeeze out excess moisture without wearing down the garments.

Interior Features
  • The Miele Vented Dryer T 8005 has 8 drying options, including 6 moisture-based settings and 2 timer-based programs.
  • The dryer has 6 moisture-based settings, 4 of which are specialty cycles, while 2 are standard cycles.
  • It has RemoteVision support from the manufacturer. When the appliance experiences a major defect, the virtual link to Miele's service center is activated. Informed service center crew will call the appliance's owner for repairs.
  • It has both a Turbo drying option and a Gentle drying option.
  • One of its best drying setups is the anti-crease cycle, which helps reduce ironing time significantly. Clothes that do not wrinkle easily may not even need ironing.
  • The dryer is PC updatable.
  • It has the self diagnostics feature.
  • The Miele T 8005 Vented Dryer has a large capacity, making it easier to finish drying more clothes.
  • It has a stainless Honeycomb drum, which is designed to endure years and years of use while preserving the quality of clothes being dried.

    Exterior Features

  • The vented dryer has an interior light that helps the user view the interior of the drum, possibly for checking
    clothes left inside or for cleaning up.
  • It has the Advanced Touchtronic Controls for easy manipulation. The controls also add some sophistication.
  • The dryer also has program sequence lights so the user knows what to expect.
  • It has an angled control panel for easy access.
  • The dryer has a basket insert.
  • It has a child-safe lock system to prevent the door from opening mid-cycle.
  • It makes use of a buzzer on/off switch.
  • This vented dryer unit model is only available with a left hinge and a stainless steel finish.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 1/2"
    Height: 34 1/8"
    Width: 23 1/2"
    Total Volume: (unspecified by the manufacturer) large capacity


    This Miele vented dryer is capable of handling large loads per cycle. It is child-friendly. It makes use of a sturdy stainless steel Honeycomb drum. There are many pre-set drying options to choose from. Temperature and moisture are well-controlled to deliver consistent drying that does not result in fried clothes. The consumer is well-supported by the Miele service center.


    The design choices are limited. The unit is only available in stainless steel finish. Some consumers find the dryer too expensive.

    Consumer Opinions


  • manufactured by top company
  • built to last
  • has temperature and moisture controls
  • overall drying consistency
  • durable
  • offers convenience features
  • can handle diverse set of clothes


  • available in stainless steel finish only
  • available in left hinge design only
  • too expensive for some

    Full Specifications »

    Loading Type Front Load
    Fuel Type Electric
    Color Stainless Steel
    Drum Material Stainless steel HoneycombTM drum  
    Control Type Advanced Touchtronic Controls
    Capacity Large Capacity
    Timed Dry 20 min, 45 min
    Temperature Options  
    Drying System Turbo drying option, Full load drying option, Gentle drying option, Anti-crease drying option, Buzzer drying option (on/off switch)
    No. of Cycles 8
    Cycles Normal, Wrinkle-free, Fluff, Smooth, Sturdy, Woolens, Timed Dry - 20 min, 45 min
    Special Features Vented model, Interior light, RemoteVisionTM capable, Fault indicators, Child lock feature, Self diagnostics, PC update function, Program sequence lights, Interim drying state indicators

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