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Miele T8003 Touchtronic 24 in Large Capacity Vented Dryer (White)

The Miele T 8003 Vented Dryer belongs to the manufacturer's T 8000 series, which is known for producing high capacity, efficient dryers. Like the others, the T 8003 has a stainless steel Honeycomb drum, RemoteVision support, and Touchtronic controls. The T 8003, however, makes things more convenient with the addition of interim indicator lights that show at what stage of the cycle the load is in.

Interior Features
  • The Miele T 8003 Vented Dryer offers 8 pre-set drying options, including 6 moisture-based cycles and 2 timer-based cycles.
  • Among the 6 moisture-based cycles, 4 are special and 2 are standard.
  • The vented dryer from Miele delivers both Turbo drying and Gentle drying.
  • For days when the laundry is heavy, the high capacity and full load option can prove to be a great combination.
  • The programming parameters can be improved through the use of a laptop computer in the unit's PC Update capable feature. This is so that the unit can keep up with the advancement of technology.
  • The RemoteVision feature alerts the Miele service center when there is a significant fault that occurs in a particular unit. The center's crew will be calling the owner of the defected unit, and repairs would follow.
  • The vented dryer has an anti-crease cycle that helps reduce ironing time.
  • It has interim drying indicators that show the stages of drying, allowing the user to stop and remove garments that no longer need to go through the later stages.
  • The Miele T 8003 Vented Dryer has a stainless steel Honeycomb drum, which is designed for keeping clothes new. The material also ensures that the drum is durable.

    Exterior Features

  • The vented dryer has an angled control panel for better access.
  • It has an on/off switch for buzzer drying option.
  • The unit is available in white finish.
  • It is available with a left hinge design.
  • The dryer has a child-safe lock system that prevents the door from opening before a stage or cycle has finished.
  • The Advanced Touchtronic Controls provide a sophisticated but user-friendly means to set a cycle.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 1/2"
    Height: 34 1/8"
    Width: 23 1/2"
    Total Volume: (unspecified by the manufacturer) large capacity


    The dryer allows for pauses when garments need to be removed after a certain stage. The design is sophisticated but user-friendly. The vented dryer from Miele is upgradable, saving the user some money later on. It is easy on the clothes, preventing fast wear and tear. The machine is virtually linked to a Miele service center. There are indicators for each stage of the drying process.


    There are no other color options other than white. The unit is available only in left hinge. The optional laundry stand with drawers is not included but could be a good accessory.

    Consumer Opinions


  • easy to use
  • conserves energy through its cycle options and interim drying indicators
  • sophisticated control panel
  • upgradable
  • connected to a service center


  • no additional color choices
  • left hinge only

    Full Specifications »

    Loading Type Front Load
    Fuel Type Electric
    Color Stainless Steel
    Drum Material Stainless steel HoneycombTM drum  
    Control Type Advanced Touchtronic Controls
    Capacity Large Capacity
    Timed Dry 20 min, 45 min
    Temperature Options  
    Drying System Turbo drying option, Full load drying option, Gentle drying option, Anti-crease drying option, Buzzer drying option (on/off switch)
    No. of Cycles 8
    Cycles Normal, Wrinkle-free, Fluff, Smooth, Sturdy, Woolens, Timed Dry - 20 min, 45 min
    Special Features Interior light, RemoteVisionTM capable, Fault indicators, Child lock feature, Self diagnostics, PC update function, Program sequence lights, Interim drying state indicators

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