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Maytag Centennial MVWC700VW 3.5 cu ft

Perhaps the goal of every washing machine manufacturer is to make laundry cleaning even more bearable. And so, consumers benefit from having more advanced features to meet their modern living needs. But despite the efforts to lead the pack of leading brands, Maytag still has to enhance some of the features of the MVWC700. However, this doesn't mean that the MVWC700 is no longer a dependable washer. It packs in a lot of good features, and because it is easy to use, it can very well be the best option for some consumers. Read on to know the good and the bad features of this washer.

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* has relatively large loading capacity
* has lid opening and crystal window
* has an automatic temperature control
* has an end-of-the-cycle signal
* does not produce too much noise when spinning
* has bleach and fabric softener dispensers

* has limited color and design options
* too bulky and heavy
* not stackable and portable
* has no soak setting
* has no water heater option

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Product Overview

The MVWC700 is one of the biggest washers of the Maytag's Centennial Series, thanks to its Super Size Capacity Plus feature. This washer has a size dimension of 42 ½ (height), 26 7/8 (width), and 25 ½ (depth) to make up for its 3.5 cu. ft. capacity. This machine is developed using Maytags Commercial Technology, which ensures efficiency and better quality. It also features the commercial-grade drive system, making it a sturdy and durable household appliance. The stainless steel wash basket, which can last for a long time, and the 1/2 HP motor are proofs of its good quality.

The DependableClean wash system and LoadFlex agitator work together to make more meticulous washing possible. They help take away the grime from clothes as well as lift stains. This way, clothes and other laundry items will come out fresher and cleaner. This also helps take away the bad odor.

Another interesting feature of this washer is its QuietSeries 200 sound package. This feature ensures the noise-free spinning of this washing machine. This makes the Maytag MVWC700 a good house worker. It fits most home settings and let users move on to other tasks without the disturbing noise when spinning.

With four temperature control settings and automatic temperature control, it does a fine job at cleaning and rinsing the laundry. The Maytag MVWC700 provides up to 18 wash cycles with an end-of-the-cycle signal feature to go
with it. This helps make laundry-cleaning a more convenient task for the time-conscious and those who have to accomplish various chores at once. These features free the users from babysitting the washer.

This top-loading machine also has a wide lid opening to make throwing more loads into the washer easier. The glass window is also useful in monitoring the spin and laundry items inside. Just by looking through the class, it's easy to see if something's wrong with the spin or the clothes are all tangled up.

The bleach and fabric softener dispensers can really make one's work a great deal easier; no more coming back every few minutes just to add more laundry products and solutions. The washer simply knows what to add before the spin or wash cycle.

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What consumers like about this washer is that this washing machine offers enough room for various loads of laundry. Because it is big, users can save time in doing their laundry and save on electricity because the number of loading times is significantly reduced. Though this washer is not as energy efficient as the front-loading model, it does help cut back on utility cost.

Like all the washers in the Maytag Centennial Series, the MVWC700 operates more quietly than other washers that use agitators. With this washer, all users can hear is the sound of the clothes spinning. According to some users, this feature makes this washer ideal for the home setting. It also helps that the agitator of the MVWC700 helps wash clothes more thoroughly. The extra rinse option and other features make using this washer more convenient.

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The Maytag MVWC700 also has lots of limitations. For one, this washer is only available in two plain colors, white and oxide, which can be a disadvantage to some users. This washing machine is also bulky and is hard to fit into available spaces. It's not stackable and portable. Lastly, many users also look for water heater and soak settings for better cleaning options.

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Final Thought

The MVWC700 is a dependable top-loading washer to have at home. However, it would be better if its manufacturer would develop a washer with the same or with more features without sacrificing the aesthetic qualities of the home appliance. But because of its reasonable price and bunch of useful features, it still makes a good option for people who are planning to buy top loaders.

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Comments for Maytag Centennial MVWC700VW 3.5 cu ft

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Feb 20, 2012
MVXX700XL Maytag
by: Anonymous

The first washing machine model MVWX700XL we bought had to be replaced because of mechanical problems from the factory. The replacement machine will not get some of the dirty clothes clean because it does not cover the clothes with enough water. This problem happens with a normal load in the washing machine. Buying this machine was a big mistake.We should have repaired the old machine when the capacitor went out instead of buying this model.

Oct 29, 2010
Spin while draining? guess not
by: Anonymous

Well, one year later and on the 3rd transmission. (that's counting the original one in the new machine). Noisy machine, does NOT spin when draining, I guess that's the way it is supposed to be. It moves around when it's spinning, regardless if the load is balanced. I am very unhappy with the machine. The company is giving me an extra 6 mo warranty. The service person was very kind and decent to work with. What can I say?

Oct 29, 2010
Maytag Centennial Lint Trap
by: Karen

My Maytag Centennial washing machine was purchased less than a year ago. My clothes are always sorted before washing, ie I do NOT wash towels with colored clothes; however, my clothes are always full of lint. I cannot locate a lint trap or filter - can someone help me please.

Jul 24, 2010
Tears Clothing
by: Anonymous

The machines strong agitation causes the clothes to tear. It does not clean well if you try to wash on a lower speed ie delicates, hand washing because it only runs for a few minutes before rinsing. It is a loud machine but it is quite a heavy machine because of the industrial type parts. Maybe that is why this machine is not good for cottons.

May 17, 2010
Don't buy this washer.
by: John

This washer does not have an unbalanced load automatic stop. We heard a giant bang and found our washer had crashed over and smashed our drywall. It only had one mattress pad in it. The tub was cracked and the pump was making noise. Estimated repair bill is $250. We are going to purchase new rather than repair.


Feb 04, 2010
Looking for new washer
by: dl&dgl

We are 60 and searching for a washer. we don't want to be botheres with all the advance technology stuff, like washers that are sensative to the lid opening and closeing, also, because we are in an area that is prone to lightening strikes repairs would be inconvenient and astronomical. Where can we find a non-high- tech, just knobs to work with washer at a reasonable price? (excluding the washboard and river)

Oh, we rated the site 3 because we didn't see any replies. But, we like the site.

Nov 19, 2009
Did they install it wrong?
by: Shirlene L.Petty

I have only owned Maytags - never bought another brand. This is the most noisy machine I have ever had and when you use warm water cycle it comes in HOT--then COLD--that is not good.

I have always used warm settings and the water is always mixed and warm when it enters the machine the new way is not good for the clothing.

I have to close the laundry room door to use this machine,what is the problem with this machine????
I have had this machine for only 4 to 5 months and it is not getting better and I want it to work like the others I have had. I am 60 years old and they last up to 20 years trouble free so I am on my 3rd washer.

Please tell me if the Home Depot installers did something wrong or is this what is to be expected?

Thank You
Shirlene L.Petty
Salado, Texas 76571

Oct 10, 2009
ask a question of owners
by: Nancy G.

I recently bought a new 500 Sears washer that indicated 3 wash options....heavy duty, normal, and delicate. I loved the agitator action of the heavy duty b/c I need that for my husband's work clothes. However, when I tried to wash a delicate load, I discovered that the agitator speed was the same as for the heavy duty (very hard) which would ruin my delicate load. The manufacturer simply reduced the number of minutes in the delicate cycle to 6 minutes, but my contention is that I still want and need less agitator action for a delicate load.

Sears is kind enough to allow me to exchange my machine for another, but I am having trouble finding what I want. Even this website did not give the specs for which I am looking. I want:
agitator with at least 3 different agitator speeds (heavy, normal, delicate),and my choice of water temp. and water level. Please help.

Sep 24, 2009
Spinning while draining.
by: Anonymous

I have had a Maytag for the last 15 years. It does spin while draning. I had no problems with my washer for 15 years and then the transmission died. My husband planned to repair it and found out the new transmission is $300.00. So we are researching which machine to purchase now. I hope you are as happy with your new machine as I was with my Maytag.

Sep 23, 2009
by: Anonymous

Just got my new machine today! I like it, however, should the washing machine spin when the wash water is draining? Please respond asap.

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