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by ramphal singh

I had purchased this product form a local store near my house with 10% discount. I am using this product since last one year and i am satisfied with it. It has many advance features and is very good as compared to my earlier washing machine. I was bored with my earlier washing machine as it use to make weird sounds. So, i purchased this machine for $700.

The technology used is really amazing and i had not faced even a single problem with it. It has seperate spin and wash tubs and has a loading capacity of around seven kilograms. It is superior to those machine which has common wash and spin tub as in this machine you can wash and dry your clothes at the same time thereby saving your time.

It has a very powerful wash motor of around 240 watts and a spin motor of 140 watts. Its higher loading capacity allows you to wash many clothes at the same time. Its cleaning action is very good and it is able to completely remove the dirt particles from your clothes. Its spinner rotates at rate of 5000 rpm which drys your clothes instantly.

It has three control knobs for controlling various machine operations and one tub selector switch. I give full marks to it. It has a fourty minute time switch and a load selector knob to selct the type of wash action i.e. soft, medium or heavy. It has a stylish design which adds to its attractive features and is whitish in color.It can be operated in both wash and spin mode.

Although it wash your clothes very well but still some dirt remains at corners of clothes but that has very low intensity. It has a buzzer to indicate that the wash timer is going to stop and you have to reload the timer as per your requirement.

The technology used is great. It could be an ideal washing machine for a small family and will suit in their bugdet too. I am happy to have such a good product from LG and also recommends this brand washing machines.

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