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LG Front Load Washer - WM2455HW

by Amanda
(Redlands, CA USA)

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Product Overview

This front loading washing machine has one of the largest capacities on the market, a cavernous 4.2 cu ft. It has a powerful maximum spin speed of 1200rpm, and a range of programs including a high temperature Sanitary (158 degrees), Bulky/Large, Delicates, Hand Wash, Speed Wash and Drain + Spin.

It’s available in white or pearl gray, and there is a matching dryer unit which can be stacked on top if space is short. There is also an optional drawer pedestal which raises it by 13; and is a great place for storing essentials such as detergent.

As with other LG’s, this is a popular washing machine. It is expensive compared to many other models, but most owners believe that it gives great value for money. It’s Energy Star compliant, so it uses a lot less water and power than older machines. This means that it also costs less to run, and reduces the impact on the environment.
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Consumer Minus Points

• great cleaning results

• LED display

• 9 programs – 5 temperature settings

• easy to load clothes

• “LoDecibelTM” reduces noise

• large loads

• nice internal water heater

• price

• longer cycles than top loaders

• low door


No machine of this size is going to be completely silent, but this is built with LG’s LoDecibelTM technology and it appears to work , owners are pleased with how quietly it runs. It also delivers in one other essential department; producing laundry which looks and smells fresh and clean. The large tub has an Easy Loading TilTubTM feature, making it easier to
get laundry in and out of the large drum.

Because it is an advanced washer there are lots of controls and a relatively thick user manual, which can be a little daunting at first. Users soon discover their way around it and that despite the apparent complexity it is easy to operate. There’s a child lock mechanism, stopping kids pressing buttons and changing the programs while it is running. The useful LED display shows settings, time remaining and any status messages.

There are a huge range of settings available: 9 programs, 5 wash/rinse temperatures and a number of other options. It has a 19 hour delay wash function, allowing you to load it up the night before and have it come on the following morning.


As with all appliances, even good ones, some owners have a poor experience. The wash cycles are generally longer than with a top loader and that takes a little getting used to. Some people complain that it develops a moldy smell after a while, and others have had breakdowns and feel they have received poor customer service. The low height of the door is a problem for some, which could be solved by using the pedestal.

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Final Thought

If you are looking for a washer that looks good and can handle large quantities of laundry you should consider the LG WM2455 HG. It is more expensive than many other machines, but there are plenty of users who feel that it is worth it for the service that it offers to them. Many owners can?t find fault with it at all.

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Comments for LG Front Load Washer - WM2455HW

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Aug 16, 2013
Terrible product, terrible customer service
by: Erin

I bought my LG front loading washer in May of 2012 and about 6 months ago,I started noticing my clothes (especially my towels) were coming out smelling terrible.The stink of mold has become unbearable so I contacted LG customer service who told me to do everything I had already told them I HAVE been doing since I bought this washer (leaving door open,never using too much detergent,wiping moisture out after every wash,running tub clean cycle WEEKLY,etc). They told me that this "so-called" mold problem is a known issue in many FL machines. I have tried Tide machine cleaner, Affresh, bleach, vinegar, Smelly Washer,and Borax. Nothing has worked.I am now stuck with a $1,000 piece of crap that makes my clothes smell worse than before they were washed. STAY AWAY from these machines!

Jul 02, 2013
by: Jim G

This is the worst washer I ever owned.The clothes never come out clean and they come out smelling like dirty gym socks.Tried all the front loader "cleaning" rituals and still clothes smell worse than when they went in.My 30 year old top loader cleaned clothes MUCH better. Does use less water BUT you have to buy cleaning products and tub clean so often I dont see the savings. Do yourself a favor and don't buy a front loader.

Feb 07, 2013
dont buy this
by: Anonymous

this is the worst washer ever!!!!do not buy it!!!i have had it for 5 years and it is unfixable, the bearing is broken , the part is uncovered and customer service is rude and unhelpful!!

May 04, 2012
Worst Washing Machine EVER!! LG WM2455HW
by: Anonymous

We have the WM2455HW washing machine. Let me first say LG's customer service is aweful!! Sears does NOT have parts for this model. About six months ago the drum stopped spinning. We tried to get the part from LG via a phone call, to no avail. In speaking with Sear's they didn't have the part or could not get the part from LG. We finally got the part & fixed the washer. Now six months later a 'new' problem has arose. The machine is not draining the water and spinning. This machine is not quite two years old and is NOT what I would call a bargain price. For so much money for one appliance I would hope and want to get many more years than two, before I need to repair it!!!!! IMHO - this model WM2455HW should be recalled by LG!!! In looking on the net you will find several complaints and even YouTube videos about this model. I will never buy another LG product again.

Jan 30, 2012
no fix in sight
by: Anonymous

We've had our LG WM2455H for a little over 4 years and it has worked perfectly, until now. A little before Christmas, it stopped mid-cycle with the tE error code showing. I unplugged it, let it sit for a few minutes and then replugged it and it ran though a cycle just fine. Then four weeks ago, it stopped again mid-cycle with the same error code, but no amount of unplugging and replugging would make it run again. Repair people came, conferred with the LG repair center and said that even though the tE code means it is a problem with the 'thermistor' it needed a new 'control board' ($250+labor)since it couldn't be the thermistor if it could work intermittently. Since all parts come from LG in Fresno (we live in Portland,OR), it took another week to get that and install it. Technician made the machine run but without a load in it. First load, machine stopped again, same error code. Oh, now it needs a new electrical harness ($150 or so). Another week. Oops, plug on electrical harness doesn't fit the recepticle on the 'thermistor' in this model. New thermistor ordered (more $). Another week. Oops, again. Part sent still doesn't fit harness plug. Technician and parts dept. have no idea if LG even makes a part that fits. Still no washer. Why make a machine that has no way to determine exactly what is wrong with it without just replacing expensive part after expensive part and why insist that parts be stocked in a central warehouse? No more LG appliances for us.
As for other people's bad smell. Just run the clean cycle with some bleach every month or so and ALWAYS leave the door open when not in use so the interior dries out.

Oct 03, 2010
It Stinks....literally!!
by: Smells The Rat

This washing machine gives the ever present STINK! We have done EVERYTHING to eliminate the musty/mold smell. Open door, replace seal, clean seals, emptied water from filter and hose, Affresh, powder detergent, liquid detergent, white vinegar, baking soda, bleach, etc. You get the picture. Sears is trying to wear us down and not give us a pro-rated credit to replace this stinky machine.

Beware of this model and of SEARS!!

Sep 17, 2010
LG washer and dryer for Sale!!!!
by: danial

Terrible Machines! I purchased these units, from the second day I have "flow sense" warnings. After talking to customer service, said it was a problem with my house. I had a tech come out and install a brand new dryer vent tube. same problems. lg will not stand behind their product

Aug 27, 2010
Don't buy one!
by: Bobbie

After paying over $1000 for this machine less than 18 months ago from Sears, it is having the dreaded "IE" message. As I research I find that this is a common occurance with this brand & Machine. However being just outside my warrenty, it's now just my problem. There is no recall and no understanding from either Sears or LG for the problem. The machine smells, it is noisy and it shakes the entire house when it spins. Buyer beware... I will never buy LG again.

Jun 18, 2010
Waste of money
by: Sue

Recently I bought my LG washing machine thinking that I have made a good choice. I bought my washing machine in March of 2009 and exactly a year later started smelline a very fowel smell.

I called Sears they came actually 5 technicians but couldnt do a thing. Last week I was told there is nothing else they can do for me so for them the case is closed but for me just starting.

What a waste of money and time to Sears.

May 28, 2010
I should have known
by: Anonymous

We bought an expensive LG dishwasher...after owning it for a year, it broke and LG said it was covered under our extended warranty. We serviced it and spent $400 in labor... and it never got fixed properly.

Soon after we needed to replace my washer. Stupidly, we bought another LG appliance - this one. It smells moldy, nothing fixes the smell AND the customer service still sucks.

Two expensive "high end" appliances by LG and two crappy, cheap experiences with their customer service. NEVER again. I should have known then.... but I certainly know now.

Mar 23, 2010
LG washing machine does not clean well and stinks
by: Debbie/Windham, ME

William: Hello Deborah T Payton. Welcome to LG Electronics! How may I provide you with excellent service today?
Deborah : Hello William
William: Hello.
William: How may I help you?
Deborah : I have an LG front loading washer that has a moldy/musty smell no matter what I do to sanitize it
William: I am sorry for the inconvenience this must have caused.
William: Since when are you experiencing this situation?
Deborah : I've tried running a hot bleached cycle, wiping down all surfaces and I drain the machine and clean the filter after each cycle to no avail
William: I would like to please place you on a brief hold, will that be alright?
Deborah: I've had the issue since purchase date, but we use this machine only seasonally March thru Nov
Deborah : Yes that's fine
William: Thank you.
William: Thank you for your patience while I researched that for you.
William: Not after every load, but when the machine is done for the day, the gasket and door should be wiped dry to prevent leftover water from sitting in the gasket for long periods of time. If not dried out, this water stagnates and begins to smell.
William: To clean, mix ¾-cup bleach with 3.78 liters of hot water and wipe with a cloth. Do not use straight bleach because this will damage the gasket.
Deborah : I have done all of this and more. It seems to temporarily decrease the odor, but when I come down in the morning the entire downstairs smells musty
Deborah : I went to the site and followed the parameters that you just gave me so I feel that it should be resolving but it isn't
William: Just one moment.
Deborah : I have three kids and run a couple of loads a day, but I should be able to do that. Have done it for years. But the continuous sanitizing and having to drain the machine is driving me nuts, not to mention the moldy smell. I'm allergic to mold and finding that I'm continuously going on Prednisone for a washing machine that I can't keep clean. It's insane.
William: You can also try to use a product called Affresh, Whirlout or Tide Washing Machine Cleaner to help flush out the unit.
Deborah : What would that do that bleach wouldn't cover
William: These products are specifically made for this purpose and will help with this situation.
William: If the issue persist then the unit may require service.
Deborah : OK I'll try this. Who in our area services LG??
William: What is your physical address?
Deborah : Windham, ME, USA
William: May I have your zip code to located the best options?
Deborah : 04062
William: Thank you. I will get you the necessary information.

Nov 28, 2009
Not a good washer
by: Unhappy customer

This washer just flooded our utility room for the fourth time. In the instructions it says not to wash latex-backed items (for example, shower curtains or picnic blankets) because these might cause an overflow, but you can't wash light placemats and a table runner either, or a load of towels.
I'll be getting rid of this so-called "high-end" machine tomorrow, and I'll be returning to a much less expensive but reliable top-loading machine.

Oct 21, 2009
don't recommend
by: Cindi K.Heng

I DO NOT recommend high efficiency (HE) front loading washing machines!

I just finished rinsing a load of towels for the 5th time! They are finally at least close to de-sudsed. These machines are praised as energy savers. They save energy by not using enough water to get the job done right. (Some people recommend using just a tiny bit of detergent, but then your clothes do not get really clean.)

Also, because the water doesn't run long enough to get hot water from the water heater through the water pipes and to the washing machine, the "hot" water will never be hot and the "warm" will be more like "cool" if you are lucky. I have a laundry sink next to my machine, so I run the water in there until it is as hot as it will get before I start my machine. The washer tub cools it somewhat, so my wash water ends up being at least pretty warm when I select the "hot" water wash. (A repair man said that you should fill and drain the machine several times to get the water and inside of the machine hot/warm enough. How is that saving you money?)

When you select the hot wash, the only rinse water you are allowed to use is cold. Cold water does not do the job. It is September now and the water is cold. I can't wait until the 40 degree max water in January! For my old top loader, I could just turn the selector knob to warm rinse after filling the tub with hot wash water. The makers of my HE machine won't let you do that.
Also, this machine only has 2 rinses preset with an extra rinse button. That is only 3. Not enough. I timed the rinse at 4 minutes. That is fine for a top loader because of the vigorous agitation, but not even close for the anemic "flip, flop, rest" of this machine.

My LG has a "bulky" cycle, but the spin speed can only be set as high as medium. No high speed spin for bulky items? What planet are these guys from? They obviously do NOT do the laundry!

The "Speed Wash" cycle does not rinse the clothes, although it says it does.

That reminds me, the LG "experts" have many presets that cannot be changed. They think we are all idiots.

These are just a few of my complaints. This machine is going back if I can trade it in for a top loader.

The "experts" who recommend these HE front loaders obviously haven't done much if any laundry or maybe they don't know or care that the clothes are still full of laundry detergent. I have been doing laundry for over 30 years. They should come to me to get customer feedback.

I have a cartoon idea on this. Picture a man walking in the rain. His clothes are fill of soap bubbles. Caption: "Mr Green believes in saving energy. He has an HE machine." (c) Cindi K.Heng

Apr 16, 2009
great experience - didn't have the problems which i read in other reviews
by: Anonymous

I purchased an LG 4.2 front loading washing machine with sanitary cycle (Mfg #WM2455H) in December of 2007. It has worked wonderfully. I have the matching dryer and they are stacked in my laundry closet.

The washing machine is straightforward to use despite all the knobs and lights that make it appear daunting. It is a must to use the High energy detergent.

The sanitary cycle heats the water independently of your hot water heater and is great for nasty socks and stinky towels. My only complaint is that the lettering on some of the push buttons is small and my post-40 yrs old eyes require glasses to read. I have not seen a great deal of water savings, either, but the clothes are cleaner I believe, and the hand wash cycle is wonderful for lingerie, sweaters and the like.

The loads that I can put in the washer are larger, leading to fewer loads in a household with two active boys and a farmer husband. During warmer weather, it is necessary to take the loads out of the machine as soon as possible, because with less air circulation they will sour more quickly than in a top loading machine.

I have not seen the problems that I read about in reviews of front loaders, i.e. wrinkled clothing, twisted clothing, etc, and I have not seen the necessity of stopping the machine mid cycle or adding an extra rinse that some reviewers thought was necessary, however my model does have the ability to add an extra rinse if desired.

Overall I am well pleased with the machine and would recommend the purchase to anyone.

Apr 16, 2009
"Green" washer
by: Amanda

I purchased my LG Front Load Washer (Model WM2455HW) about four months ago from the Home Depot for a little over $1000.

While the cycles do take a bit longer than my old top load machine (a Whirlpool circa 1995), the capacity of my LG washer is about double, so I end up saving time in the long run. My heavy California King sized comforters fit easily inside (along with my sheets and pillow cases) and come out cleaner than they ever have before.

It also uses significantly less detergent, and even has a handy dandy feature that tells me how much soap is actually required in a specific wash, so I don’t end up using more than I need. With two children under the age of two in the house and a paramedic husband, the sanitary setting has given me a lot of peace of mind. I do a ridiculous amount of laundry, and I have yet to have a problem with the washer.

While the washer is rather deep, I am able to stack the dryer on top of it, so they actually take up less space than my old system. While I was a little reluctant to spend the money for a high end washer and dryer, I am so glad that I did.

They are energy star appliances, so I knew that I could feel better knowing that I was doing a little bit to be “greener.” It has truly been worth every penny, and I’m sure will end up saving me money in the long run.

Mar 11, 2009
Time and status display is nice
by: aqua

LG Washer WM2455H and Dryer DLE5966W
We have got this washer and dryer a year ago. It has various features to wash all categories like cotton, babywear, delicates etc.. Time taken by every cycle is optimal. It has custom program and cycle selecting options based on our requirement. It has got another special feature like delay wash and its very helpful.

It has got special optional buttons which will allow you to activate special functions. This washer has time and status display which I like the most because it will let you know the remaining time of washing. After completion of each cycle it will give us an indication. It has got another great feature of letting you know the load size by which you can add addition load if needed.

The LG Dryer has cycle complete indicator and the most important thing is it has got a flow sense duct blockage which will help you in detecting and alerting you to blockages in the ductwork that reduce exhaust flow from the dryer which improves dryer efficiency.

This dryer has a display of the process of every cycle. You have got different options of drying depending on your requirement like damp dry, normal, very dry etc.. You can set your own time for drying too. There is a temperature control drying. Overall, I and my family like this product and happy to have it.

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