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LG DLE5955/ 7.3 cu.ft/ Titanium

by Cathy
(Broomfield, CO)

FINALLY! A dryer that does what it was intended to do...dry clothes on the first cycle! It has a sensor that knows when your clothes are dry so you don't over heat your clothes, or waist energy.

This is a beautiful dryer, with pretty LCD lights, and an interior light for those of us who prefer to do laundry in the dark.

It has 7 different dry cycles, with an option to program your favorite cycle! The Freshen Up cycle is perfect for clothes that have been left in the dryer, or have become wrinkled.

The drying rack is perfect for sweaters, however, it would have been nice if the drying rack would fit in the pedestal drawer for the times you do not use it, so we just put it on the top of the dryer.

I highly recommend getting the under drawers, they raise the dryer about a foot, which makes it tons easier to get your clothes in and out of the dryer. Plus, the drawer makes for a great place to store your dryer sheets!
One of my favorite features is the pretty little jingle that it plays for you when your clothes are done. I think there is an option to mute the sounds if you want, but I like it much better than my old dryers buzzer.

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Jan 07, 2009
Energy Efficient "lifesaver"
by: Jessica M. Stephens

Our LG Dryer has been a lifesaver for our household. A few years ago, our previous dryer stopped working on us. With a growing family, we had to replace it immediately. The LG 7.3 cu ft. Capacity Electric Dryer was one of the newest models at our appliance store and though it was also one of the more expensive dryers, its features we thought would be well worth it. We were right.

The dryer runs off of electricity, rather than gas like our previous dryer. Additionally, it is energy efficient, so with the amount of laundry we do weekly for our family of 6, we don't take a hit from it when our monthly utility bills arrive.

The LG Dryer has several cycles to fit our needs. Instead of having only the typical delicate and permanent press options, we also have "speed dry", "air dry", and "freshen up". Living by the ocean, the humidity sits in our closets and throughout out home. Throwing our clothes in the "freshen" up cycle for less than 5 minutes makes it feels as if they just went through a complete drying cycle.

The wrinkle care option saves us lots of time on ironing work and school clothes. And a vent sensor lets us know when to clean the vent, instead of having to remember who did it last. I highly recommend the LG 7.3 cu ft. Capacity Electric Dryer.

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