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Kenmore White 400 Model #6942 Electric Dryer 5.9 cu. ft.

This an inexpensive unit that comes with intuitive controls and almost all the features found in larger, more expensive electric dryers. Its 5.9 cu. ft. capacity is built for small- to medium-sized homes. The unit comes in a stylish white finish and has a compact design that makes it the perfect option for small, tight spaces.

Key features

  • The air fluff feature produces extra-soft laundry that will save you a lot on fabric conditioner costs.
  • The Auto Dry feature works in tandem with moisture detection sensors to turn the unit off once the load is dry.
  • The Ergonomic handles make using the controls easy even when the handles are wet.
  • The SteamCare Touch Up cycle reduces wrinkles in large loads.
  • The TurboDry technology uses a large fan to drive air into the drum and dry the load faster.
  • The Heated Dryer Rack is good for drying other kinds of fabric.
  • The Gentleheat technology prevents overdrying clothes that often lead to damage to the fabric.
  • The Dual-Action Drying system is perfect for too long venting systems and prevents vent blockages, venting up to 20 feet.
  • The QuietPak 9 feature reduces noise considerably by lowering both noise levels and vibrations.
  • The stylish white finish allows the unit to blend well in any room.


    Considering all its features, this electric dryer model is fairly inexpensive. The ergonomic handles are very easy to use even when covered in water, and the controls are well-laid out. It has no
    frills features that make it very easy to understand and operate.

    The unit has none of the bells and whistles of more expensive units, although it has enough features to accommodate almost every kind of fabric safely. The unit dries loads fast, and the compact design makes it perfect for small, tight spaces.


    One common complaint is about the lint catch on the top of the machine that must be pushed in and pulled out. The lint catch is flimsy and easily breaks. There?s also the noise that may be caused by a belt pulley that sounds off every couple of seconds in some units.

    Even with the noise reduction feature, the unit tends to get a bit noisy so some users placed a felt pad under the unit and foam packing on the sides when placing the unit right next to the washer to reduce the noise and vibration. Other users complain that drying takes too long when drying thick fabric like towels and bedspreads.

    Consumer likes and dislikes


  • unit quite inexpensive for its capacity and features
  • ergonomic handles easy to hold on to even when slippery with water
  • easy to use because of no frills design
  • compact and easy to store even in small, tight spaces
  • handles different types of fabric safely


  • tends to become noisy with months of use
  • drying takes too long certain kinds of fabric like towels and bedspreads

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