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Kenmore Ultra Fabric Care Washer

by Wendy Eller
(Oak Hill, Fl 32759)

I bought this washer from a used appliance dealer called K.K. Appliances in Edgewater, Fl. They informed me that the washer was only a year old. I have now had this washer for 5 additional years. I have no major problems with the washer. It has been very reliable.

The tub inside the washer is of adequate size for a large family with lots of clothes to wash. I use it at least three times a week, and sometimes more.

It has several temperature controls and settings. It also includes a delicate setting for your most precious garments. Another thing I like about it is it can be set on small, medium, or large load sizes.

This helps save on water, as well as electricity. It has been most energy efficient since I have purchased it. It was also easy to set up, and get started with. It included the necessary hoses, and equipment when I bought it form the used appliance dealer.

Overall, so far, I have enjoyed using this washer. It has not let me down yet. I would recommend it to others, as well. It also has ease of operation, so that just about anyone could operate it.

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Feb 13, 2011
Very reliable
by: Deborah

I purchased this Ultra Fabric care 90 series washer in 1987. Have had absolutely no trouble with it at all. Its now 24 years old and I'm thinking about replacing it to get a newer one. Its scary reading all the negative reviews about the newer washers. Especially the high efiency ones that spin the clothes so fast that they come out all tangled. The front loaders hae negative comments because of the build up of the mold. I'm going to get a top load, but one that will still take the regular detergents. I'm afraid they may no longer make these just like the regular light bulbs which will be obsolete soon.
Love the washer - does great. If you can find one used - I'd say go ahead and get it.

Mar 30, 2010
Good washer
by: Anonymous

This machine is pretty good... just recently the cold water never shuts off so I have to wait until the tub is filled then shut the water off so that it won't overflow. But other than that it cleans the clothes extremely well and they have short cycles. I also have the fabric care dryer I would imagine the set is about 15 years old but working like new.

Oct 20, 2008
not as noisy
by: Anonymous

I have had this for 10 years and it has never needed service. It gives me plenty of options for different wash/rinse temperature combination and cycles, all the way from delicate to heavy duty.

It's not as noisy as my previous washer, and it fills up more quickly than the old one did. The capacity is big enough for nearly all my needs. One problem is that the bleach dispenser is designed so that it's very hard to pour bleach into it without spilling.

Also in a couple of small spots the enamel coating inside the tub has chipped a little and the metal underneath is rusty, which can cause rust spots on laundry if I don't take it it quickly enough. This happens only rarely.

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