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Kenmore Ultra Fabric Care II Heavy Duty 90 Series

by Debra

The Kenmore Ultra Fabric Care II Heavy Duty 90 Series washing machine is a great washing machine to own. This unit has a variable water level from low to high that you reset with a simple turn of a knob.

The 90 series washer features eight water temperature combinations to choose from. They are warm/warm, cold/cold, warm/cold, warm/hot, warm/warm, cold/cold, warm/cold, and hot/cold. I have found that the above water temperature combinations suits all of my washing needs.

This handy washing machine comes with a one rinse cycle option or a two rinse cycle option. This feature has been of great benefit to me when my children have come in really dirty and I've needed to re-rinse their clothing because of embedded soil. Another great option that is included on the 90 series model is the wash action feature that controls the speed of the agitator.

There are five speed options to choose from: delicate (extra-slow/slow), gentle (slow/slow), regular (slow/fast), heavy duty (fast/fast), and hang dry (fast/slow).

Finally, the overall wash cycle choices of this heavy duty washer are many and will suit even the most discriminating user's needs. It has an ultra clean cycle which includes the choice of one or two rinses, permanent press, normal, pre-wash, and soak cycles to choose from. All of these cycles easily handle any cleaning needs you might have.

I have had the Kenmore Ultra Fabric Care II Heavy Duty 90 Series washing machine for 12 years and have found it to be a very dependable and reliable unit.

I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a new washing machine. It is available in colors to coordinate with your other household appliances.

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Jun 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

WE love this washer!

Jul 18, 2009
Good performance overall
by: Paul

- Easy to set
- gets the clothes very clean

- Very loud
- clothes sometimes get caught in spindle at the center

I have a very good washing machine with only minor problems. The machine gets my clothes clean, and it is easy to set and use.

I find it can handle very large loads, which is useful since I tend to be forgetful and let the clothes pile up until the end of the week. It does have some minor flaws, although nothing too bad.

The major issue is the noise, as the washing machine tends to vibrate rather excessively and rattle during its spin cycle. Of course, it is possible that this is a result of the age of the washing machine rather than an inherent problem with the machine?s design. Another problem is that sometime clothing items will get snagged in the spindle at the center of the machine.

This sometimes means that items that get stuck and this stops them from drying during the spin cycle. If I could change something about it, I would probably try to make it a more efficient machine when it comes to using water, since it seems like it uses a lot.

I would also redesign the control panel, because some of the thin plastic parts on it have chipped and yellowed with time, which doesn?t look very good.

The last thing I would change would be to make the lid tip back just a bit further, because sometimes it gets in the way of loading the washing machine.

Overall, though, I am very pleased with both performance of the machine and how it has held up over time.

Apr 29, 2009
Drain receptacles at top of machine
by: Alex F.

Gentlemen: 4-29-09

As everyone has said, this 90 Series is a terrific product. The only problem I am having is the top left receptacle. It is for bleach insertion but when the washing cycle is completed, water still remains in that receptacle. I hv tried lifting the small plastic portion that is part of the receptacle, and poking a thin wire in the small hole to clear any debris, but that doesn't work either. Any suggestions for a very satisfied owner?

Pls reply, if you can, to:

Thank you.

Jan 04, 2009
water drainage and lint catcher
by: Pam

We bought this model used from a private party. It washes clothes well and I am very pleased with that aspect. I do have a couple of questions: When the spin cycle is done and stops the machine, I can hear the noise of water sloshing in the bottom of the machine that still seems to remain in the machine. It doesn't leak out anywhere. When I go to wash another load of clothes the next day and open the lid, it smells like bad standing water. What is causing this to happen? Also, there is no lint catcher so I'm not sure where the lint is going each time I do a load.

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