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Kenmore portable washer

by Amy
(United States)

I love my portable washing machine! It was probably the best purchase I've made for doing my laundry. The washing machine is relatively quiet and is very easy to use. There are seven different cycles in which you can choose four different water levels and four different temperate settings.

The different cycles include: permanent press, delicates, soak, drain & spin only, hand washables, regular, and heavy duty. I usually use the regular or heavy duty setting, and my clothes come out very clean. This washing machine spins amazingly, my clothes are all practically dry when the load is finished washing. I love that it is portable because when I need to use it, I can take it out of the closet. When I'm finished using it, I can put it right back into the closet.

My favorite feature of the washing machine is that it hooks up to a sink and drains into a sink. This makes it virtually adaptable anywhere! Also, while the washing machine is hooked up to the sink, there is a red button you can push to make water come out from the faucet.

One problem I've had with the washing machine was when I didn't have it on a level surface while washing a load of laundry. When it wasn't level, it would furiously spin and make an extreme amount of noise. Since that experience, I now have it on a level surface and haven't experienced any problems since.

Another problem I've had was how quickly the water drains from the washer. I have a relatively small sink that backs up pretty easily, so I've experienced a few overflows from the sink.

The washing machine also features a "safe mode," when the lid is open, the washing machine will not perform any functions until closed. I happen to love this feature because upon leaving the house, I can just lift the washer lid and be on my way.

Other than the few very minor problems I've had with the washing machine, I would definitely recommend this washer to everyone I know. Especially those who do not have washer hookups in their house or the space to keep the washer. The portability and hook-ups are easy to use in any home!

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Aug 07, 2010
by: nygal

The dimensions are: 21 inches deep,24 inches wide, and about 33 inches high. The model # is 88708. Got it in Sears in 1988.

Aug 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

What is the model number and the dimentions of the machine?

Dec 14, 2009
I love my Kenmore Washer and Dryer!
by: NYGal

I bought a Kenmore washer and Kenmore stackable dryer in 1988 from Sears and they still are in excellent condition. I live in an apartment in NYC and decided to buy them after I saw some of the things some tenants were washing in the same washers that I was then using! Gross! I couldn't do it anymore... The washer hooks up to the sink and actually fits my comforter. It hardley makes any noise and the dryer is great also... It's 2009 and they are still both going strong.

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