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Kenmore Heavy Duty Plus

by Jim
(Woodbridge, VA, US)

Our dryer is a Kenmore Heavy Duty. It is an older model, I think we have had it about fourteen years now, though I am not certain when it was made.

Anyway, the dryer has stood the test of time thus far and we have had no problems with it whatsoever.

It has different cycles for dedicates, heavy fabric, etc. The only downside to it may lie in that area because when we first got it we tried to dry a sweater and it came out with a couple marks on it. Occasionally when drying a large load of clothes, specifically jeans or other thick items come out still slightly damp after one full cycle and you have to put it through again.

One thing that has helped this is always taking care of removing the built up lint in the lint trap, which helps things dry a little more quickly.

An unexpected use was when my son joined a taekwondo class and his gi was too large, so we used the dryer to shrink it, and now it fits perfectly!

Obviously you will not find such an old model on the floor of Sears or anything, but if you find an old Kenmore dryer with no problems, hopefully this lets you know it is worth a look due to their long lasting nature.

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