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Kenmore HE2 Super Capacity Dryer

by michelle
(hershey PA)

My Kenmore HE2 Front loading Dryer is perfect for us. It features Super Capacity barrel and auto moisture sensing. It knows when the clothes are dry and changes to the cool-down setting on its own. This dryer is also labeled with the Energy Star

There are 3 dryness levels, 5 Auto Set cycles ranging from delicate to heavy duty, 3 timed cycles including “touch up”. I use the touch up setting every time I can’t get to the dryer immediately after finishing.

I set it for “touch up” and then I set it to the lowest heat setting just to fluff everything just right and knock out wrinkles. There is also a Wrinkle Guard option that will tumble the barrel a few times every few minutes to keep the clothes from creasing. I use this setting during the day but if I put a load in the dryer at night I turn off this option and just “touch-up” my laundry the next morning.

On all settings you can adjust the time more or less as you go. You can turn off the cycle signal on the dryer which is nice for me since the washer and dryer sit in a closet outside my baby’s room. We purchased the optional drawer for the dryer to sit on to make it more comfortable to load while also adding storage space.

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Jul 23, 2010
Dryer not energy efficient
by: Anonymous

We bought the Kenmore front loading washer and dryer thinking they would be more energy efficient. Well, if you take into account that you often (very often) have to restart the dryer to get the clothes dry, then you are not saving any energy. When washing a small bathroom rug, by itself, the washer will not wring out all the moisture or even half of it. The rug comes out totally dripping and then you have to put it in the dryer on high heat for numerous cycles to get it dry. I don't know if the EPA examines these products in actual household use, but they are not saving our household any energy.

Sep 10, 2009
Energy efficient and affordable.
by: Anonymous

We have a Kenmore He2 dryer. We bought this dryer about a year ago when we moved into our new house. Overall, we have been very happy with it. We love that it is energy efficient and that it was affordable.

Energy efficiency was a big selling point for this front-loading dryer. We wanted to save as much energy especially when with our baby it seems like we are doing at least one load of laundry every other day. Its affordability was a surprise to me.

When my husband said that he wanted to get front loading machines, I was skeptical about if we could afford the dryer or not. Not only could we afford it, Sears, who makes Kenmore, often has its brand on sale (of which we took full advantage).

One thing I do not like about the dryer is that it seems to take a little longer than a normal dryer to actually get the clothes dry. On average, it takes about an hour to dry a load of clothes. I was really hoping that since the clothes were not going in very wet (compliments of an energy efficient washer), it would not take as long to dry. Maybe it is just my impatience but I thought it would be much faster. Another aspect I am not totally happy with is that the clothes often come out still wrinkled.

Even though I take all the advice about how to prevent this from occurring, clothes never seem to come unwrinkled. Overall, I would give this dryer a rating of four.

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